Are you an incumbent for the position you are running for? If so, when were you first elected? Dallas County north commissioner, elected in 2016.


Tell us a little about yourself:

I am a lifelong resident of Dallas County. My wife, Nancy, and I have been married 43 years, and we live north of Buffalo. Nancy retired from the Dallas County Library in 2018. Danan is our only daughter, and she and her husband live in Rogersville. 

I am a current member of the Masonic Lodge 361 and 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason. I am also a member of the Farm Bureau. I am a member of the OACAC executive board committee and Transportation Advisement Committee for Southwest Missouri.  

I am a 1972 graduate of Buffalo High School, and I attended Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield from 2005 to 2007, and received an associate degree at that time. I have formerly worked at Show-Me Machine Shop in Springfield and Shewmaker Automotive Machine Shop in Buffalo for several years before going to work for Springfield City Utilities. 

I retired after working 29 years for Springfield City Utilities and believe the skills and training accumulated while employed there are very beneficial to the county in many ways. I am a firm believer that my experience and working knowledge of heavy and light equipment has saved and will continue to save the county money on both the purchasing and leasing of equipment. The certifications and operation and safety training involve many of the machines the county currently uses and maintains. Having a working knowledge of maintenance and repair of the county equipment is beneficial in dealing with companies the county does business with, especially when it pertains to purchasing, leasing and repairing of equipment. 

Working in a larger company has helped to provide me insight for possible ways to make changes to increase efficiency, which has benefited the county by saving funds, as well as assisting the current employees.


Why are you running for Dallas County north commissioner?

I have lived in Dallas County all of my life and want to try to find ways to benefit the county. It is a continued struggle to find funding for improvements, including courthouse repairs, employee benefits and wages, and repairs to other county buildings. I believe that it is a priority for the commissioners to be available to the public to listen to their concerns, answer questions and look at the problems to find viable solutions.


If re-elected what can we expect from you? What would be your No. 1 priority?

As I am retired, I am able to devote as much time as is necessary and will continue to be as accessible as possible to help the community. This involves being available during the office hours on Monday and Tuesday mornings, as well as by phone during other times. I will continue to look for solutions that help benefit the county, including finding funding for much needed repairs to not only roads, but to county facilities as well. There is much more to the commissioner’s job than only working with the Road and Bridge Department. We are also responsible for the budget, allocating the funding to the correct departments, and maintenance of all county offices and facilities. We have been actively partnering with the state to replace select bridges that are in drastic need of repair and will continue to make the most of this partnership, which is one that the county will benefit from. 

My No. 1 priorityis to continue to look for ways to bring more jobs to the county and to stay on budget while improving county operations as best we can with available funds. The sales tax that began in January 2020 was primarily to increase law enforcement funding, general revenue and to build a reserve fund; the COVID-19 shutdown has had an impact on our funding because of less sales tax being collected. 


Do you think the current Dallas County commissioners are doing a good job, or could they be doing better? How?

I believe there is always room for improvement, and I will continue to be available to answer questions from the citizens, take suggestions and work toward finding solutions that benefit all. It has been a challenge for road maintenance because of the amount of rain and flooding that we have had over the past two years.

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