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Several ladies wear hats to celebrate the group’s original tradition. Members are, from left, Faye Peters, JoBeth Maas, Magda Neill, Laurie Whitlock, Cay Sergent, Sarah Oglesbee, Annette Fugitt, Mary Nell Andrews, Rhonda Agee, Myrna Walker, Vanessa Maze, Evonne Miner, Bev Jenkins, Rachel Tennison, Joann Brown and Christa Rowland.

Alpha Tau met in September at Church House Banquets in Halfway. Several of the ladies wore hats to celebrate the founding sisters and because that was the custom at the time the group was founded. 

Alpha Tau is the local chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, an international professional honorary society of women educators that promotes professional and personal growth. Delta Kappa Gamma was founded in 1929 to promote women educators and establish scholarships all over the world to help women educators advance. 

Alpha Tau was started on June 1, 1968, in Bolivar. It now includes 42 retired and active educators from five counties. They meet on four Saturdays throughout the year for professional development and fellowship. Alpha Tau also has three projects philanthropic projects including Supporting Early Career Educators, Schools For Africa and World Fellowship Scholarships. 

Two of Alpha Tau's members have been Delta Kappa Gamma Missouri State presidentsFaye Peters and Cay Sergent. Many of their members serve on local, state or international committees to promote education. As the teachers learned at this 50th celebration, women educators have advanced from having to quit teaching if they married or wanted to start a family, always being required to wear dresses to teach in, even in the coldest of weather conditions, and even being prohibited from publishing in educational journals. The women who started Delta Kappa Gamma had to fight for these rights that are taken for granted today. We celebrate these founding women educators and many more like them.

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