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HUMANSVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT is seeking applicants interested in becoming a High School Science Teacher through the ABCTE alternative teaching route. Successful applicants will hold a bachelor's degree, have a strong background in science, and have the drive to become a teacher. Preferred candidates will hold a bachelor's degree in science or a science heavy field (e.g. Biology Degree). Candidates will have the opportunity to learn the teaching profession from an experienced retired professional by being the paraprofessional in the classroom during the first semester. Second semester would see a transition into full-time teaching and teacher pay. Interested applicants arerequested to apply online at https://humansville.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx to be considered for this position. Please direct anyquestions to:Colleena Frazier, Principal, colleena.frazier@humansville.k12.mo.us417-754-2219.

Posted 12/31/1969