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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF WEBSTER COUNTYSTATE OF MISSOURIMidFirst Bank PLAINTIFF, -vs- Kassie Rogers, et al DEFENDANTS. Cause No.: 22WE-CC00049 NOTICE UPON ORDER FORSERVICE BY PUBLICATION The State of Missouri to Defendants: Kassie Rogers a/k/a Kassie Jo Rogers and John/Jane Doe, a/k/a Unknown Occupant/Tenant, for the property known as: 2854 River Road, Marshfield, MO 65706, or anyone claiming thereunder: Your are hereby notified that an action has been commenced in the Circuit Court of WEBSTER, Missouri, the object and general nature of which is a JUDICIAL FORECLOSURE of the deed of trust that encumbers the following property: ALL OF THE NORTH 183.07 FEET OF THE WEST 307.59 FEET OF THE FOLLOWING TRACT: A TRACT OF LAND BEING A PART OF THE W1/2 OF LOT 4 OF THE NE 1/4 OF SECTION 6, TOWNSHIP 29, RANGE 17, THE BOUNDARY BEING MORE PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: COMMENCING AT AN EXISTING WAGON TIRE AT THE NORTHWEST CORNER OF SAID LOT 4, NE 1/4; THENCE NORTH 88 DEGREES 5O MINUTES 03 SECONDS EAST, ALONG THE NORTH LINE OF SAID LOT 4, 331.20 FEET FOR A POINT OF BEGINNING; THENCE NORTH 88 DEGREES 5O MINUTES 03 SECONDS EAST, CONTINUING ALONG SAID NORTH LINE OF LOT 4, 669.59 FEET; THENCE SOUTH 01 DEGREES 32 MINUTES 25 SECONDS EAST, 366.12 FEET TO AN IRON PIN SET; THENCE SOUTH 88 DEGREES 5O MINUTES 03 SECONDS WEST, 667.74 FEET TO AN IRON PIN SET; THENCE NORTH 01 DEGREES 49 MINUTES 45 SECONDS WEST, 366.14 FEET TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING. SUBJECT TO COUNTY ROAD ACROSS THE NORTH SIDE THEREOF. ALSO, SUBJECT TO AND HAVING RIGHTS TO A 40 FOOT INGRESS AND EGRESS EASEMENT AS SHOWN ON COUNTY SURVEY FILED IN WEBSTER COUNTY SURVEYOR RECORD BOOK 13 AT PAGE 206, ALL BEING IN WEBSTER COUNTY, MISSOURI. The names of all parties to said action are stated above in the caption and the name and address of the attorneys for Plaintiff are Jason O. Bright, Linda S. Tarpley, and Zachary G. Edwards, LOGS LEGAL GROUP LLP, 13801 Riverport Drive, Suite 502, Maryland Heights, MO 63043 You are further notified that unless you file an answer or other pleading or shall otherwise appear and defend against judgment by default within 45 days after March 22, 2023, judgment by default will be rendered against you. Witness my hand and the seal of the Circuit Court this day, 3/13/2023 Judge Michael O'Brien Hendrickson

Posted 12/31/1969