The Buffalo Garden Club held its June meeting Thursday, June 28, in the community room of the Red Bud apartments.

The roll call question was, “Do you grow any herbs in your garden, and what type?” Several members gave a variety of herbs that they grow in their gardens. Many grew chives, garlic, mint, basil, etc. The members in attendance were Shirley Hyatt, Karen Kruger, Thelma Kurtz, Debbie Miles, Penny Nevills, Maxine Nimmo (our host), Liz Van Dee, Brie Warren and Janet Wood.

Brie gave the treasurer’s report. No major expenses were reported, and the report was recorded as read.

Liz reported about the display gardens. The gardens need special attention to their water needs right now. She has trimmed some of the shrubs and removed annuals that were not surviving the extreme heat. Liz puts many hours into keeping our display looking their best. Liz also attends to the clubs “Plant It Pink” garden at our Blue Star Memorial.

The June Yard of the Month was the home of Betty Rogers at 53 Broken Bow Road. With the help of her daughter Lisa, they have created interesting groupings of yard art and flowers, in addition to the special areas just for the birds.

Janet brought up for discussion our ideas to rejuvenate the Buffalo information sign at the southwest corner of U.S. 65 and Mo. 32. We have been asked by the Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce to assist it with improvements to the sign’s aesthetic appearance.

Liz and Brie presented the program about the monarch butterfly. Liz presented a report about the lifecycle of the monarch, and Brie had videos of the monarchs from during their winter migration south of Houston by the Gulf of Mexico. It was very interesting and kept everyone's attention. The monarch is an important pollinator to our gardens. If you can, it is so helpful to grow milkweed, which is the sole food source for the caterpillar of the monarch.  

Maxine presented the bird report about the red-headed woodpecker — one of the few species of woodpeckers where the male and the female look alike. It is the only woodpecker that has an all-red head. Its food consists primarily of insects, fruit and nuts. It also comes to the suet feeders.

Our next meeting will be July 26 at the O'Bannon Bank community room. If you would like to attend our meeting and learn more about the club, we invite you to come. You can check with any member for more information.

Garden tips:

If you have deer or rabbit problems but still want a flower garden, the following are flowers they do not like: asters, gaillardia, iris, penstemon, salvia and the perennial geranium.

Because of the extreme dry heat, when you want to fertilize, make sure the roots of your flowers are damp, as they then will be accepting of the fertilizer.

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