The Buffalo Garden Club held its September meeting on Sept. 27 at Liz Van Dee's home. The members attending were Diana Arendt, Becky Bell, Carol Corey, Shirley Hyatt, Karen Kruger, “Tess” Kurtz, Debbie Miles, Maxine Nimmo, Liz Van Dee and Janet Wood.

The roll call question was “Do you grow and use any veggies for fall decorations?” Most of the responses were that because of this year’s extreme weather, we all bought what we used for decorations, such as pumpkins, gourds, mums and ears of corn.

Liz read the treasurer’s report and reported about her work at the display gardens. She was doing some needed weeding and trimming of some of the plants. Liz and Shirley Hyatt selected the October Yard of the Month. It is at 109 Prince St. This is the last Yard of the Month for this year.

Janet reported about the progress at the Buffalo city information sign and planter. We measured the planter area so we can determine our needs. Janet and Liz got donations from Meek’s, Mike Jackson’s Nursery and Walmart. We had a workday to paint the background wall. Because of the rain, we had to take a break, but we will get back to work soon.

We voted in Becky Bell as our new treasurer and Debbie Miles as our sunshine chairwoman. Becky reported about the status of the Smokey Bear-Woodsy Owl poster contest, which is sponsored by the National Federated Garden Clubs. Becky will bring the posters to our next meeting for the club members to view and vote on.

We paid our dues for 2019 and the money for the district meeting, which we will host. Our state president and the district board will be here, along with members of the seven clubs of the district. Diana gave an update about the progress of the design of the programs for the meeting. We will do the setup of the tables the day before.

Becky presented the bird report about the red-tailed hawk. She played the sounds the hawk makes. Their distinct red tail doesn't develop until the second year. They are a large hawk with a 4-foot wingspan. They often are seen perched on telephone poles, trees and fences searching for their prey. Both the male and female build the nest and feed the young.

The program this month was our exchange of seeds, bulbs and young starts. It is always fun to get a variety of new plants. We had such things as white clematis starts, Oriental poppy, lemon mint and others. Everyone was pleased with the various plants to add to our garden.

The October meeting will be Oct. 18 at Calvary Chapel. This will be the last meeting of the year. We will discuss preparing to put together next year’s meetings and programs.

Garden tips: Now is the perfect time to plant your spring blooming bulbs, such as your hostas and daylilies.

When you cut your roses back for the season, put segments in your mole tunnels. They will scratch a mole running through and in some cases could kill them, but they will drive them away.

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