A new American-made Ruger PC Carbine will be given away at the dinner only at the annual banquet of the Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation’s Ozarks Highlands Chapter. The event will take place Saturday, Sept. 15 at Grace Community United Methodist Church in Buffalo. Doors open at 5 p.m.

The gun is both a rifle and a pistol and it accept magazines from Rugor or Glock 9mm pistols with interchangeable magazine wells. The Glock adapter is included with the PC rifle. It has a reversible magazine release and charging handle for those who are lefthanded, and the heavy-contoured barrel provides great accuracy.

All dollars raised stay in our area, supporting wildlife and youth, including the Bison fishing team. 

“We are dedicated to wildlife restoration and clean streams in our local area 365, 24/7 and work with our members and local youth to get everyone involved,” said Christine Abmeyer, local chair. “This year we are excited to announce not only will we be raising dollars for our local youth scholarships, we will be helping our youth on the QUWF Bison Fishing Team raise dollars to further compete at the regional and national level.”

She added that every penny raised stays here and the moms, dads, grandparents and friends can see the difference this makes. The ultimate prize of the Bison Fishing Team is college scholarships. 

Further, the national headquarters here in Buffalo is raising dollars to support an endowment for the College of the Ozarks, to assist students taking conservation or wildlife curriculums. Known as “Hard Work U,” QUWF support helps to cover 100 percent of the educational costs of this #1 rated Christian college. 

“There has to be fun at our banquet, so we have added more games like the dice toss, with fantastic prizes for all ages, all focused on getting outside and enjoying our natural resources,” said Troy Abmeyer, vice chair. “We have 18 guns on our list, hunting, target and concealed carry, more than any other banquet anywhere in this region, and your chances are very good to win with raffle tickets.”

There is also a full camping package with tent, sleeping bag, table, chair and accessories; a spring turkey hunt for two with a new shotgun, camo blind, hunting seat and 360 acres of private lands to hunt loaded with gobblers. 

“Not forgetting our great rivers, we have a river runners dream package with a kayak and all accessories,” he said. “For the kids, more games and prizes just for them with special kids fishing packages and a few surprises.”

The cost of a ticket is $20 pre-banquet and $25 at the door. The banquet ticket includes a fully catered meal and some raffle tickets to get you started. If you join QUWF at the banquet you will receive a special discount code to get a great discount off of any Rocky Boot or boots (yes you can get multiple items for your family). Details will be explained at the banquet. 

“Just one pair of boots will save you the cost of the membership and the banquet combined,” Troy said. 

Outdoor displays are planned to include a B.A.S.S. official tournament fishing boat and truck - either the one used in the JR. Nationals by our own JR QUWF Bison Fishing Team or another B.A.S.S. tournament boat from MS Propane in Buffalo.  Also, an ATV or UTV will be on display. More details to come. 

Depending on schedules, several B2 Stealth Bomber pilots from Whiteman AFB will be on hand to meet with attendees and the attending youth.

All local veterans are invited to attend, and there will be Veterans Service Officer in attendance if you have benefit questions or needs as a local veteran, all services. QUWF honors your service to our country.

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