On April 1 Kropf Feeds moved into a new 8,000-square-foot facility at 19 Prairie Lane, just off Kelly Road south of Buffalo. This enabled Kropf to feature a 5,500-square-foot retail showroom and a 2,500-square-foot warehouse.

Owner Rodney Kropf said he decided to build the new store near the location of the old store rather than on U.S. 65.

“Our motto is, ‘Located in the Heart of the Amish Mennonite Community,’” he said. His six sons operate the store.

With the new store comes an additional number of home-and-garden products, including Green Mountain pellet grills, a gardening center, saddles and tack, and a good variety of clocks. 

“My cousin has a clock shop, and he also repairs clocks,” Kropf said.

Kropf is well known for its wide variety of livestock feed, including organic (for the past seven years), but now it has expanded its pet feed offerings.

The company still sells traditional products needed by farmers, such as Rodent Diet products that kill and prevent rats. It also sells livestock supplies such as wormers and vaccines.

Rodney Kropf started his own business in April of 1983 and owned it for nearly 20 years before he sold it to Hostetler. He then worked at Hostetler for seven years before starting his own feed operation again in 2008.

“I’m selling feed to third- and fourth-generation customers,” he said.

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