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The Buffalo Garden Club held its first meeting of 2020 on Thursday, Jan. 23, at the home of club President Janet Wood. The roll call question was, “Do you have a gardening or landscaping goal?” Arranging a dedicated lily garden was one answer, also organizing a new vegetable garden was another. Several planned to scale down the gardens they currently have to a more manageable size.

Liz reported about plans for our display gardens. We will need to have a workday to clean and trim the flowers and shrubs from the winter. When the weather permits, Liz will plan a workday at the gardens. When the greenhouses open in Tunas, we will have a day to tour them and will select flowers for the garden and for the Blue Star Memorial, and of course we will find those special plants for our own gardens.

Janet handed out the new 2020 Yearbooks for the club. The yearbook is our planned meetings for the coming year with scheduled meetings, tours and various activities. Everyone looked them over for accuracy, and we discussed the events and locations planned. We had a break for refreshments and discussed what we were planning for in the yearbook, the programs and locations.

After our break, Debbie presented her bird report about the brown thrasher. They are similar in size to the robin, about 11 inches long. The color of the male and female is the same. They are amazing songsters. The thrasher is largely a ground feeder, and it feeds mostly on insects and fruit.

Liz presented the plant program about the Christmas cactus. It is similar to the Thanksgiving cactus, but it does not have the sharp points of the Thanksgiving cactus leaves. Liz brought a plant she has had from her family for a long time.

We had a great meeting and had a variety of discussions about plans for club activities and tours for the coming year. Our next meeting will be held at the home of Diana Arendt. Diana will present a program about pruning various shrubs and small trees.

If you are interested in our garden club and would like to attend a meeting, contact a member for more information.

Garden tips

Did you know Feb. 21 is considered the best day for installing your bluebird houses?

As the green tips of bulbs appear, pull back the mulch and side-dress lightly with bone meal.

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