The August meeting of the Buffalo Garden Club was Aug. 22 at the home of Becky Bell. The members attending were Diana Arendt, Becky Bell, Cecilia Dixon, Darlene Dufeck, Shirley Hyatt, Mary Krause, Thelma Kurtz, Maxine Nimmo, Liz Van Dee and Janet Wood. The roll call question was, “Do you attract bees to your garden?” The wide variety of answers were yes with various flowers, such as tall phlox, zinnias, roses, and a variety of vegetables and berries.

Becky gave her treasurer’s report. She also reported about the butterfly garden. The girls of the local 4-H chapter made markers for the plants in their garden. The Buffalo Garden Club sponsors the 4-H Club and supports its efforts to expand the population of the monarch butterfly in this area.

Liz reported about the display gardens and the Blue Star Memorial Garden. She will plan a workday at the gardens to clear weeds and the spent annuals in the beds. The gardens are needing a lot of weeding now and clearing of spent flowers. 

The August Yard of the Month is the home of Frank and Dee Sanderson, 111 E. Kennedy Blvd., Buffalo. Liz and Becky will be out looking for the September Yard of the Month. Even with the extremes of hot weather, we have noticed a greater pride in our community through the interest in the presentation of the yards of the residents of Buffalo. 

Diana reported about the progress at the Buffalo information sign. She planned a day to weed and do general cleanup at the planter, and a lot was accomplished.

We discussed the need to complete the plantings at the city information sign. We will plant new mums in the signs planter this fall. Our fall plant sale was 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sept. 7 at St. William Catholic Church. There were both indoor and outdoor plants for sale.

Becky presented her program about the Successes and Challenges of Butterfly Gardening. Becky and her 4-H group have been developing a special butterfly garden. The group spent many hours researching the particular flowers and needs for the garden. Finding the particular plants can often be difficult. Mail order is a good way to go, also. The girls needed to prep the garden and plant the flowers. Keeping good records has been very helpful. It will be so exciting to see the garden next year after the plants have matured. As the flowers grow and bloom, it is very rewarding when you see the butterflies coming to the garden.

Our September meeting will be 1 p.m. Sept. 26 at Calvary Chapel. If you are interested in attending a meeting, you can get the specific information from any member.

Garden tips

It is time to divide and replant your spring bloomers.

Now is a good time to dig and pot your sensitive herbs to continue growth inside during the winter months.

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