We are continuing with our second week of traveling to Texas. After this snow we had this past weekend, we all think we should move to the southern part of Texas where it is much warmer than Missouri. But then again, it is supposed to get warmer here this week.

To start off our Monday, we held a discussion about remembering Texas songs and singers. Can you name any songs that have the word Texas in them? There is “Deep in the Heart of Texas.” Perry Como was the first person to sing this song in 1942. Another one is “San Antonio Rose.” This was first an instrumental piece that was written in 1938. A few years later lyrics were added to the music, and it was sung by Bob Willis and His Texas Playboys. One last song is “The Yellow Rose of Texas.” This very old song was found in a songbook that was published in 1853. And it became a marching song for the soldiers in the Texas Brigade during the Civil War. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot by discussing these old songs.

On Tuesday, we held a reminisce activity titled “Deep in the Heart of Texas.” We discussed the history of Texas, interesting facts, weird laws and famous people from the Lone Star State. One of the weird laws is that it is illegal to milk a cow that does not belong to you. Another is that if you are standing drinking a beer, you can’t take more than three sips. Very interesting. We also made a bandana bolo. Conchos come from the Mexican cowboy tradition. They have slits that were originally used to put saddle strings through, but now they are used in crafts to make a decorative tie.

Today is our country Karaoke Day. Our ladies and gentlemen have to sing country songs for everyone to enjoy.

Have you ever had a sopaipilla? I know I have had them at Taco Bell, but never homemade. Well, we are going to make homemade ones on Thursday and then serve them at our Texas Hoe Down on Friday afternoon. I hope they can last that long! After we are done baking, we will hold a trivia contest to see who knows that most about rodeos.

We finish off our vacation on Friday with a Texas-style party; it wouldn’t be a party without cowboy hats, root beer and good ol’ Texas-style country music. To finalize the entire week, we will play some Texas Hold ’em poker.

It has been an enjoyable two weeks of learning about Texas. We definitely learned many new things, especially about rodeos and trying to lasso a steer. That was the most fun we had in a long while. We all found out that we would never make it at roping steers. So we better just stay here in Missouri.


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