On June 1, the Disabled American Veterans Buffalo Chapter 62 attended the Missouri DAV State Convention in Jefferson City.

During the convention, Lonnie Howard was elected as the new DAV commander for the Department of the State of Missouri. Lonnie has been a member of the DAV for 24 years. He spent 13 years as the commander for Buffalo Chapter 62. He has also served the DAV State of Missouri on numerous committees and made third junior vice in June 2014. Lonnie advanced up the ranks of the DAV command chain and was elected state commander on Saturday, June 1. Lonnie is a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and retired on July 1, 1994, at the rank of master sergeant. After retirement, Lonnie moved to the Buffalo area, where he has made his home for 25 years. 

In addition, for the DAV Auxiliary Department of Missouri, Peggy Roberts from Unit 62 was elected to third junior vice commander. Peggy has been an active member of the unit for more than two years and can be seen calling bingo on Sunday afternoon at the hall. She has been active within the DAVA for more than five years and has a son currently serving in the U.S. Air Force. Her passion to help serve veterans through the auxiliary has given her the drive to have achieved this goal with the state. 

Those of us at Buffalo DAV Chapter 62 are proud of our members on both sides to have reached these positions. Both Lonnie and Peggy are eager to perform the best they can within these new positions. Together we can help them succeed.

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