Erwin Lyle Claspill

Erwin Lyle Claspill

It is with great sadness that the family of Erwin Lyle Claspill, 57, of Long Lane MO, announces his passing on November 13, 2020.

Erwin was born on December 17, 1962 to James and Hazel Claspill. He was preceded in death by both his parents, his grandparents and a niece.

Erwin is survived by his sister Trish Maddux, his brother-in-law Barry Maddux, his two nieces Lori Warfel and Becky Rash, and their families Todd, Maghan and Sammie Warfel, and Casey, Maddy, Jace and Makenna Rash. A brother Randall Claspill and a sister Rhonda Fisher and their families. He leaves a host of friends and extended family behind.

As we all know Erwin was special, but not in the way one would think. There was limits to what he was able to do, but we were the ones that set the limits, not Erwin. In Erwin’s eyes he could do many things: like drive an 18 wheeler, be a fireman, policeman, sheriff, or ambulance driver. He could fly a plane, drive a big John Deere tractor and even drive a race car. Erwin worked at Wal-Mart for several years and loved it, and he was an honorary custodian at Buffalo schools. These past few years Erwin was a door greeter and honorary maintenance man at Colonial Springs. You could always count on a smile and a hello when you walked in the door.

Erwin loved animals (especially dogs). Throughout his life he was blessed with friends and family that supplied him with many a cute pup. He loved the idea of coyote, coon, and deer hunting, and was blessed with friends and family that would take him hunting with them. He also loved to fish for catfish in the family farm pond.

For his 40th birthday Erwin was given, by his parents, a John Deere Gator. This Gator changed his life. It gave him a freedom he had never known and a sense of maturity he never had before. He drove the Gator everyday and it became part of who he was.

Erwin’s life wasn’t easy and it wasn’t glamorous, but he taught us that we can see past the difficulties and find the beauty, for there was always beauty in Erwin’s eyes. He leaves us with the example of perseverance and inner strength. His life was a constant battle of limitations that would crush most of us. Erwin showed us what it is to be strong, because strength is not just about being the biggest, the toughest or the fastest. Strength is found in the one who keeps on going, keeps on trying, day after day, long after others have given up. Sometimes the greatest strength can be found in the tiniest of victories. Erwin taught us kindness and patience, but most of all he taught us how to truly love without condition. He was perhaps the most beautiful and pure example of that love. Erwin never met a stranger. He touched the lives of all who met him, even in the smallest ways. He is loved by everyone who knew him and the memory of him and the life he shared will carry on in the hearts of his family and friends.

We will be having a “Celebration of Life” to honor Erwin at the O’Bannon Center in Buffalo on Thursday, November 19th at 6:30-8:00pm. In lieu of flowers we ask that you honor Erwin with a donation made to the Long Lane Fire Department.

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