Persistent in the pursuit of learning; diligent or earnest in intent.

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From students in Jill Maddux’s ninth-grade Honors English I class at Buffalo High School:

By Rachel Bruton

Being studious is defined by many actions. To me, being studious is the eagerness to learn and broaden your education, as well as being punctual to school and being an overall good student. My peers and I can be studious by applying these things to our daily lives at and outside of school. Submitting assignments on time, taking time outside of school to understand concepts and being open to new ideas all make for a studious student who will perform well academically. The importance of being studious is reflected in grades, tests and even your future. Being a studious student isn’t always easy, but it is such a vital trait when it comes to school.

By Madison Callicott

There is much to gain from being studious, but first, to define the word. To be studious is to be persistent in the pursuit of learning. When in school, being studious is important to your education. You have to want to be taught how to do something in order to actually retain the information. Being studious can also help you be better at your job. By always pursuing knowledge and being willing to learn, you will get promoted faster. Being studious will help you in every part of your life.

By Kim Evans

To be studious is to be persistent in the pursuit of learning and to be diligent, or earnest, in intent. Generally, this characterization is used for people who focus heavily in academic fields. A person can be studious by unwaveringly pursuing knowledge and staying dedicated to his/her goals. This person will tend to ask numerous questions. Due to this continuous thirst for knowledge, he/she will have a variety of facts taking residence inside his/her head. As more information is learned, goals might be set or altered. Pursuing knowledge, being curious, and setting goals are some actions that a studious person does.

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