The following names were either elected or appointed since 1938 as Dallas County justices of the peace. They are listed by name, township and date of commission.

• Arthur Darby, Lincoln, February 1938.

• M.H. Darby, Lincoln, November 1938.

• J.A. Brownfield, Wilson, November 1938.

• G.V. Hildebrand, Sherman, November 1938.

• W.A. Burns, South Benton, November 1938.

• W.E. Millard, Jasper, November 1938.

• W.L. Morrow**, North Benton, November 1938.

• R.A. Ramsey**, North Benton, November 1938.

• M.C. Lutrell**, Jasper, November 1938.

• W.R. Haston, Washington, November 1938.

• P.E. Sallee*, Sheridan, November 1938.

• J.A. Creek, North Benton, February 1939 (appointed).

• C.E. Lemons, Grant, March 1939 (appointed).

• W.A. Howe**, Jackson, May 1939 (appointed).

• T.J. Wilkerson, North Benton, August 1939 (appointed).

• P.E. Sallee, Jackson, November 1939 (appointed).

*As of 1940, P.E. Sallee was not serving in Sheridan Township.

**W.L. Morrow, R.A. Ramsey, M.C. Lutrell and W.A. Howe were no longer in office.

Reported by Ella Burd, WPA worker, with an interview with Ralph Jackson, deputy county clerk.

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