Special prayer requests are for the family of David Richerson, the family of Martha Bricker, and for Donnie Cauthron, Judy Blevins, Ed Roach, Nelda Merry, Carol Summers, Levi Borntrager, Parker Vader, Courtney Patton and baby Stetson, Marie Rudolph and the Wheeler twins. Ongoing prayers are for Joe and Dicie Burgess, Jim Brown, Carl Bailey, Linda Yarbrough, Dan Blankenship, Judy Epperson, Carol Judd, Lawrence Green, Cheryl Stidham, Eli Applegate, Rochelle Gray, Bob Whaley, Kay Fulcher, Gene Edwards, Rod Summers and family, Mary West, Valorie Beck, Linda Bricker, Lindsay Pearson, and Eric and April Marker.

* * *

Military men and women: Austin Slisz, Adam Mankey, Nick Trueman, T.J. Henry, Shane Hoover, Gearr Sission, J.C. Scott, Adam Mayard, Paul Bancroft, Billy Wells, Bill Zoller, Curtiss Oller, Jessica Galloway, Tylor Brown, Joe Fitzgerald, Andy Martinez, Isaac Bailey, Alex Cooper, Walter Reynolds, Jonathan Ingram, John Haas, Scott Schlup, Jeremy Short, Jackie L. Harris, Wayne Sperko Jr., and all the other servicemen and servicewomen.

* * *

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