Laclede Electric Cooperative held its annual membership meeting Aug. 23 at the Cowan Civic Center in Lebanon. Members voted for the cooperative’s board of directors and heard reports about the cooperative’s operations and financial performance.

The following LEC members were elected to serve on the board for three years: Jack Harris from District 1; Melvin Hoffman from District 2; and Michael Rouse from District 3. A total of 1,204 members registered, and about 3,000 people attended this year’s annual membership meeting.

Before the business meeting, attendees were entertained by the high-energy retro rock and country band Super RedHawks, which featured their original “Willie Wiredhand” song.

In his remarks, CEO and General Manager Marc Roecker highlighted the way the cooperative holds true to the mission of providing convenience, comfort and productivity to its members and communities through safe, reliable and reasonably priced electric service.

The students selected to represent Laclede Electric Cooperative on the annual youth tour to Washington, D.C., and Missouri Cooperative Youth and Leadership Experience were brought on stage and recognized by everyone in attendance.

The cooperative thanks all the members who attended this year’s annual meeting, and the cooperative looks forward to seeing everyone next year. 

Voting results for the board of directors include the following:

• District 1: Jack Harris, 582; James Don Steward, 254; and Vincent Finelli, 100.

• District 2: Melvin Hoffman, 506; and Gary Meads, 446.

• District 3: Michael Rouse, 588; and Robert Howell, 314.

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