Buffalo’s John Jenkins won the Kinloch Classic Wrestling Tournament in the 160-pound weight class Monday in Springfield by defeating five opponents. His results were as follows:

Round 1 - Jenkins over Tony Nguyen (Springfield Central) (Fall 1:23)

Round 2 - Jenkins over Carter Nation (Republic) (Fall 1:23)

Round 3 - Jenkins over Garrett Greve (Kickapoo) (Fall 0:58)

Round 4 - Jenkins over Nathan Bartel (Lebanon) (M forfeit)

Round 5 - Jenkins over Johnny Williams (Ozark) (Fall 1:57)

Brock Maverick placed second in the 195-pound weight class:

Round 1 - Maverick over David Honeycut (Republic) (Fall 0::29)

Round 2 - Maverick over Chance Mickem (Rolla ( (Fall 1:20)

Round 3 - Maverick over Peyton Greer (Ozark) (Fall 4:24)

Round 4 - Maverick over Corey Choates (Kickapoo) (Fall 3:57)

Round 5 - Maverick lost to Jake Henson (Lebanon) (Dec 12-6)

Conner Pinkley placed third in the 126-pound weight class:

Round 1 - Pinkley over Orion Parker (Rolla) (Fall)

Round 2 - Pinkley over Griffin Ray (Springfield Central) (Fall 3:59)

Round 3 - Pinkley lost to Jordan Hurst (Ozark) (Fall 2:17)

3rd Place Match - Pinkley over Carter McKeel (Kickapoo) (Fall 2:34)

Connor White placed fifth in the 170-pound weight class and Hunter Jenkins finished fifth in the 182-pound weight class.

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