Unofficial results reflect Dallas County totals only. * denotes winner(s).

Buffalo Board of Aldermen Ward 1

Write-in 62

*Lonnie Glor had the majority

Buffalo Board of Aldermen Ward 2

*Brandon Stewart 25

Buffalo Board of Aldermen Ward 3

*Terry Lane 17

City of Urbana mayor

Debra Glass 22

*Sandra Simmons 32

City of Urbana Board of Aldermen

Ursula Rhodes 17

Paul Person II 14

*Phyllis Hood 23

Kevin Simmons 22

*Jason Crawford 25

Hickory County R-1 (Skyline) School District

*Nathan Warstadt 52

Joshua Hartley 36

*Emil Edwards 56

*Troy Pinon 56

Laclede County R-1 School District

Wesley Lug Massey 10

Adam Barker 6

Courtney Ann Gunter 39

Scott Anderson 18

Crystal Peterson 20

Jeremy Neal 4

Cindy Hawkins 12

Trent Douglas Stark 11

Matt Wilson 11

Tommy Simpson 9

Marshfield R-1 School District

Joey Pate 0

Amy Wilkerson 0

Patrick Theobald 3

Betsy Sandbothe 3

Josh Hartman 3

Elkland Fire Protection District board of directors

J.B. Underhill 2

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