Wes Hargis

Wes Hargis

April’s winner of the Good Samaritan award is Wes Hargis.

Organizers of the project said if it’s not a fundraiser he’s heading up or helping out with, it was the Lions Club. Hargis goes above and beyond to make sure everyone around him has what they need and leaves no child left behind.

Sammie McCleary, president of the Dallas County Good Samaritan project, said, “There’s so many things Wes Hargis has done in the community that I know he’d prefer to just not brag about. He’s just the kind of guy that does things for people because he believes that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

Readers are encouraged to go to the Facebook page for the Dallas County Good Samaritan Project and share their story about Hargis.

Hargis thanked the community on social media, saying, “I think it is great that this page was made to show the good in the community. And not the negative.”

Some comments included the following:

Teresa Pinegar wrote, “Wes Hargis is a wonderful man with a heart of gold! He is a excellent farrier, saved one of our horses feet when others couldn’t!!! We are blessed to call him our friend, congratulations.”

Tracy Greene wrote, “Wes announces for us at our saddle club in Halfway ... he does an outstanding job and interacts well with the kids in the arena ... they love him. He gives encouragement to all! Congratulations Wes ... good deeds do not go unnoticed.”

Each month the project’s committee reviews the messages and posts to determine who will be recognized. Dallas County residents who do not use social media can call Joy Beamer at the Buffalo Reflex office, and she will pass along the story to the project committee. Beamer may be contacted at (417) 345-2224 or by email at joyb@buffaloreflex.com.

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