I lost my husband of 58 1/2 years to cancer on Feb. 14, 2015. Being the caregiver can make a person overwhelmed, lonely, exhausted, sleep-deprived and neglectful of everything and everybody because you have to be focused on the one you are caring for.

My husband was my best friend, my soul mate, my anchor in life, and before my eyes he was fading away, and I could do nothing to bring his health back. I only could take good care of him and make his last days easy.

He had a best friend named Bill R., who was there for my husband every day for four years before he was called to a better place. At his visitation Bill was the only friend who showed up to pay last respects. My husband’s so-called friends weren’t even there. I guess this was because he wouldn’t be there to give to them and to help them when they needed help. I haven’t heard from any of them for three years.

But Bill R. has helped me for the past three years and never asks for anything. He cuts my wood, feeds my cows, runs errands for me. He’s what I call a real true friend. Thank you, Bill R. You are so special. There should be more Bill R.’s in this world — the world would be better.

Lois Pottinger,


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