The main topic of business at the Jan. 11 Buffalo Board of Aldermen meeting was an agreement with the city of Urbana involving extended training of their newly hired officer through the Buffalo City Police Department. Buffalo Police Chief Rich Wilkinson introduced the mayor and two aldermen from Urbana City Council. He said that the city of Urbana would like for their new officer to do his field training at Buffalo before being released to work alone in Urbana. 

Wilkinson stated his field training officer program usually takes 16 weeks but can be completed in 12 weeks by exceptional candidates or lateral hires. He told that his FTO program has three phases of training. Phase 1 has the officer candidate riding with the training officer. Phase 2 has the officer candidate as driver of his vehicle with the training officer as passenger riding along. Phase 3 puts the officer candidate alone in his or her own car. Wilkinson said that during this phase Urbana will be added to their patrol. The Buffalo aldermen voted unanimously to allow this training to take place.

Also, the board passed an intergovernmental cooperative agreement ordinance between Buffalo and Dallas County. The ordinance permits political subdivisions to contract and cooperate with one another for the planning, development, construction, acquisition or operation of any public improvement or facility or common service.

The ordinance states that the county will continue to provide reasonable use to the city of the county’s Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System (MULES) services. The city agrees to provide to the county reasonable utilities services — especially water, sewer and trash services. The term of the agreement is for one year, and it is deemed by both parties to be mutually advantageous for the county and the city to exchange services as described in the agreement.

The purchase of a rotor for lift station No. 4, up to $7,500, was approved by the board, and the removal and refurbishment of an old truck body to be reinstalled on the new truck, costing $2,450, was also approved.

Absent from the meeting was Mayor Brandon Kenall, so the meeting was led by Mayor Pro Tem Terry Lane. Lane talked about the improvements at the city airport and the community study that is being done by Economic Development/Southwest Missouri Council of Governments. 

Buffalo City Fire Chief Greg Cunningham reported that he is getting the proposal and quotes for the fire truck purchase.

During citizens’ comments, Gary Stephenson acknowledged the chief and the city for the job well done on Stanley Street last week.

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