The Buffalo Garden Club held its April meeting April 25. We held our meeting at the home of member Carol Carey. Before the opening of our meeting, we walked the area of Carol's gardens. We all enjoyed the creative sections of her garden, with the whimsical creations and specially designated meditation areas.

The meeting was called to order, and we had roll call. The members attending were Diana Arendt, Becky Bell, Carol Carey, Shirley Hyatt, Karen Kruger, Thelma Kurtz, Debbie Miles, Maxine Nimmo, Liz Van Dee and Janet Wood. The roll call question was, “Give a time-saving gardening tip.” We had several different answers, including carrying an empty bucket for weeds, etc., bringing a garden bucket with needed tools, and knowing your project plan to keep from moving from one to the next and not finishing your original plan.

Becky gave us a handout of the treasurer’s report. We had a successful plant sale and will use some for the plants and mulch at our display gardens and at the Blue Star Memorial Garden. Liz reported about the display gardens. She purchased the needed plants for our “Plant it Pink” garden at the Blue Star Memorial. The plants will be planted when the ground around the memorial can dry more.

Our April Yard of the Month was at 43 Broken Bow. A picture was published in the paper. Thelma and Liz will search for the May Yard of the Month. Our spring weather has not been very cooperative, we are expecting a big change soon and the flowers are thriving, even though they are blooming later than normal.

For this reason, we will move our annual flower show ahead by a couple of weeks. We will have the flower show June 15 at the O'Bannon Bank community room.

Reports were presented about the Southwest District meeting, our plant sale at the Dallas County Expo and our club tour of the Leadmine greenhouses. We all bought many wonderful plants. Liz purchased several plants for our “Plant It Pink” garden. We had a wonderful plant sale at the Expo, and we want to thank everyone who visited our booth and purchased their plants from us.

Carol presented the bird report about the prothonotary warbler. This is an unusual bird and one not common to this area. The yellow warbler is most common in the state of Missouri, and its fully yellow body can be seen in gardens and shrubby areas around water. They prefer to feed on insects of all kinds. It is a summer visitor to Missouri from Mexico and South America.

Our speaker was Carol Stephenson, an accredited flower show judge from our Southwest District. Carol presented a very informative presentation about preparing our flowers to show their best for the show and how the club should present the specimens. Our flower show schedule will be printed in the Reflex. The schedule with dates and the location will also be printed in the article.

This month’s meeting is scheduled for May 23. We will meet at the home of member Thelma Kurtz. A walk through her wildflower trail is always an event we look forward to. This is a great time for potential new members to visit. If you are interested in attending, contact any member for further information.

Garden tips: Did you know that radishes enhance the flavor of beans, so sow radish seeds around your bean rows and planting poles. Reseed the radishes every 10 days for freshness all season.

Impatiens are good to help poison ivy; bruise leaves and put them on rashes or rub on the sap from stems.

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