Associate Circuit Court

Circuit court of Dallas County, associate division, met during the weeks of Sept. 4-10, 2020, with the following officers present: Judge Lisa Henderson, presiding; Susan Faulkner, clerk; Jonathan Barker, prosecuting attorney; Travis Elliott, city attorney; and Scott Rice, sheriff. The following proceedings were recorded from the court.

Criminal Misdemeanors

Shayna M. Anderson, Independence, operate vehicle on highway without a valid license, one year unsupervised probation; failure to drive on right half of road, resulting in an accident, one year unsupervised probation.

Jacob D. Arnold, Buffalo, stealing, 30 days incarceration, two years probation.

Harley N. Clark, Urbana, failure to secure child less than 16 in properly fastened restraint, fine $10 and costs.

Christopher B. Daily, Overland, speeding 11-15 mph over limit, fine $70.50 and costs. 

Matthew S. Duskin, Buffalo, DWI-alcohol, fine $300 and costs; failure to drive on right half of roadway, fine $200 and costs.

Kylie D. Fletcher, Lebanon, failure to obey traffic device, fine $125 and costs.

Owen D. Gentry, Tunas, speeding 16-19 mph over limit, one year unsupervised probation.

Bradley C. Hawkins, Buffalo, insufficient floatation devices, fine $50 and costs; littering, fine $25 and costs.

David H. Jacob, Strafford, speeding 1-5 mph over limit, fine $125 and costs.

Amber R. Love, Ozark, possession of marijuana, one year unsupervised probation.

Tiffany D. Polk, Excelsior Springs, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, fine $50 and costs.

Carlolynn L. Ponder, Preston, vehicle under 18,000 pounds followed another vehicle too closely, fine $60.50 and costs.

Lawrence J. Porter, Hannibal, failure to stop for stop sign at stop line, fine $60.50 and costs.

Melvin L. Selsor, Kansas City, DWI, two days incarceration. 

Ryan L. Tyger, Tunas, operate vehicle without maintaining financial responsibility, fine $25 and costs; driving while revoked, fine $75 and costs; display/possess plates of another, fine $50.50 and costs.


Nathan D. Klapp, Elkland, burglary, second degree, five years incarceration in the Department of Corrections.

Pedro A. M. Alvarez, Sedalia, DWI-aggravated, fine $46 to crime victims compensation, four years incarceration in the Department of Corrections, five years supervised probation.

Tony L. Patterson, Clever, delivery of marijuana, fine $46 to crime victims compensation, 10 years incarceration in the Department of Corrections.

Civil Proceedings

City of Urbana, Urbana, plaintiff, vs. Jacob Downey, Urbana, defendant. Plaintiff and defendant appear. Judgment is rendered for the plaintiff and against the defendant in the sum of $500.93.



Sept. 8, Austin D. Harris, 27, Springfield, and Jenna L. Mills, 28, Ava.

Sept. 8, Jasper L. Swartzentruber, 19, Halfway, and Janna M. Headings, 18, Buffalo.

Sept. 9, Travis B. Savage, 27, Branson, and Nicole L. Stephen, 27, New Creek, W.Va.

Sept. 10, David B. Kolstedt, 59, Buffalo, and Kristine D. Kaatz, 55, Springfield.

Sept. 10, Tanner R. Harris, 28, Buffalo, and Heather N. McCowan, 27, Buffalo.

Sept. 11, Kenneth L. Houk, 33, Bolivar, and Misty M. Abeny, 34, Fair Grove.

Sept. 11, Richard W. Scofield, 50, Springfield, and Lorri A. Scott, 50, Springfield.

Sept. 11, Sheldon W. Zimmerman, 23, Tunas, and Wanita R. Stauffer, 21, Tunas.


Land Transfers

Courtesy of Rieschel Abstract & Title Co.

Donald D. Macomb by Dallas County Collector to Heartland Homesteads LLC, Wil-O-Run Subdivision.

Dale Uptegrove by Dallas County Collector to Lonnie Clark, city of Buffalo.

Jason and Kimberly Clark to Jeffrey P. and Amy A. Perkins Trust, Urbana.

Martin Andrew and Jewell K. Golden to Steven C. Sherman II and Amy E. Sherman, southeast of Charity.

Willis M. and Rhoda M. Horst to Dean and Sharon Hostetler, southwest of Louisburg.

Sawnie Hicks Trust to Skyler and Destany Mills and Steven and Micala Phillips, city of Buffalo.

Brake Building & Development Inc. to Lane Dishman, Olive.

Michael Smith to John D. and Edith L. Kennedy, city of Buffalo.

Terry Taylor to John H. Evans Jr. and Anna M. Evans, city of Buffalo.

Stephen and Mary Nicholson to Stephanie and Michael Whaley, north of Redtop.

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