This week in Dallas County history as recorded in the Buffalo Reflex.

Sept. 22, 1960

"Angel in Ebony," a dramatic film production of the life of Samuel Morris, African youth who suffered great misfortune in his attempt to learn more of the Cristian faith, was shown Oct. 2, at 7:30 p.m. at March Assembly.  In the 45 minute color production, Sammy Morris was pictured from youth as a mistreated and tortured boy in Africa, through his hard journey to the U.S. and as a college student. Sammy was driven throughout his short life by a desire to learn more of the deep doctrine of the Christian religion.

Area deaths included Floyd Swift, Thomas L. Evans, Allen Diamond, Mary Parrack, Charles D. Moore and Richard L. R. Gould.

Sept. 24, 1970

If there was a feverish activity in the kitchens and in the sewing rooms of a number of homes, it was because a few hundred cakes were baked and a few formals were readied. It was Carnival Week in Buffalo. This annual event, which attracted more people than any other activity of the entire school year, was sponsored by the Parent-Teachers Association and had been its source of funds for needed improvements to the physical facilities of the school. There were numerous concessions located on the high school campus, at various places. These included such things as the fish pond and the clown, toy stand, comic book stand, jewelry and more.

Area deaths included Ruby Melton, Nancy C. Wheeler, Clyde H. Perryman, J. J. White, Randall K. Christy, Charles H. Walker, Clara Bennett and Bertha Cox.

Sept. 25, 1980

A committee  of school teachers recommended changing insurers after reviewing bids for health insurance for teachers in the R-1 School District. Carol Cully was chairman of the teacher committee which reviewed proposals from the nun insurance companies. Mrs. Cully was spokesman for the committee as the group met with the Dallas County R-1 Board of Education to present its proposals. According to Mrs. Cully, insurance proposed by Bankers Life of Des Moines "sounded too good to be true."

Area deaths included Mrs. Jimmie A. Barclay.

Sept. 26, 1990

Buffalo aldermen voted to annex Whispering Lanes subdivision on old south U.S. 65 at the special meeting. The motion by Alderman Helen Bradley to annex the 20 acre subdivision carried unanimously. Bill Lane was developing the subdivision.

Area deaths included Mary R. Pulley, Ashley M. Shay, Glenn Gustafson, Paula C. Shoup and Ronald L. Tilley.

Sept. 27, 2000

An accident on U.S. 65 send Blance Deal, 85, Marshall, to St. John's Hospital in Springfield with moderate injuries after the 1995 Oldsmobile she was driving crossed the center line and struck a 1995 Volvo tractor-trailer driven by William Oxendine, 33, of Springfield. Oxendine was reported to have been wearing a seatbelt, but it was undetermined if Deal was wearing a seatbelt.

Area deaths included James H. McDaniel, Michael Ward Sr., Wayne L. Hays, Velma J. Smith, Clifford A. Pottroff, Mary A. Kindle, Effie G. Young and Mildred I. Baxter.

Sept. 22, 2010

October was Crime Prevention Month, so that was a good time for business owners and local residents to take steps to protect themselves from burglaries and other crimes, according to Police Chief Sam Hartsell. "It;s amazing, but true," Hartsell said, "that there are still a lot of businesses that don't have burglar alarms and /or video cameras and a lot of people who don't lock their cars." Some business owners believe such devices are too expensive, "but it can be a savings in the long run," Hartsell said.

Area deaths included Ronald G. Hall, Joe E. Johnson, Daniel D. McGinnis, Garrett M. Puckett and William Whipple.

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