“In and Out of Uniform” is a soldier’s memoir written by Retired Master Sgt. Lisa Kirk, who served in the United States Army for 21 years. Kirk’s memoir was published in December 2019, and is a compilation of short stories of trials and tribulations she faced while serving in the military. 

“I wrote this to inspire those who have possibly faced the same experiences and dealt with PTSD and depression, to never give up,” said Kirk, who grew up in Phoenixville, Pa. (claim to fame is where the movie “The Blob” was filmed). “I could serve as the poster child for soldiers with PTSD and depression. The transition for me back into civilian life was not easy.”

Kirk, who said she was very patriotic and had a grandfather and uncles who served in U.S. military branches, joined the Army in May 1996. She completed boot camp at Fort McClellan, Ala., and in 1998-99 she served on the peacekeeping mission in Panama.

In 2004, she was deployed to Afghanistan and was stationed there through the end of 2005. She was promoted in rank to master sergeant. During her career she was stationed at Fort Lewis in Washington; Schofield Barracks in Oahu, Hawaii; Alexandria, Va. (as branch manager); Camp Walker in Daegu, Korea; Fort Riley, Kan.: and Fort Leonard Wood (as drill sergeant). She retired from military service in 2017.

Kirk now resides in Plato, Mo., with her husband of 22 years, Andy, where she works for a local brewery called Piney River Brewing Co. She conducts Sip & Paint experiences where the brewery provides a canvas for aspiring artists to paint while sipping lager. Kirk is an acrylic paint artist and shares techniques with her Sip & Paint clients.

“One of the hardest things for veterans who suffer from PTSD and depression is we can’t get life insurance,” Kirk said. “Ex-soldiers are denied life insurances policies if they have suffered any PTSD.”

“In and Out of Uniform” is available at Amazon and other online venues.

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