Taken from “A History of Heinline-Hanks Post 38, American Legion, compiled by Ben L. Wood

The Heinline-Hanks Post 38, The America Legion, at Fair Grove, was organized in 1942. It was named in honor of two war servicemen from Fair Grove who lost their lives in the service of their country.

Winfield Lee Heinline was killed in action in World War I, October 10, 1918. He was awarded certificate of recognition by the French Government for those who died on French soil. Also, Mr. Heinline was posthumously awarded the accolade of the New Chivalry of Humanity commendation for servicemen who served with honor and died in the service of their country, signed by President Woodrow Wilson.

Roger Newton Hanks was born July 30, 1921, at Springfield, Missouri. He was inducted into the Army December 26, 1942. He served with honor in Company A, 30th Infantry Division, and landed in France on D-Day, June 6, 1944. He died in action at St. Jean, France, July 10, 1944, his death occurring in the bloody battle of St. Lo Hill as the result of gunshot wounds in the neck. Roger was awarded the purple heart.

Charter members of the American Legion were Troy Adams, Bert Akins, Floyce Argo, George Campbell, Fred Monday, B. H. Mayfield, Rodger Eddings, Lawrence Potter, R. W. Peck, B. O. Fender, W. O. Hand, J. L. Wommack, H. M. Wommack, F. F. Sutherland, Mack Highfill, P. R. Branam, Clifford Pratt, and Tom Erwin. Dues were $3 a year. The first officers, in 1942, were: Pritchet R. Branam, Temporary Chairman; F. F. Sutherland, Temporary Secretary. Temporary officers, Sept. 10, 1942, were Troy Adams, Commander; Hubert Wommack, Vice Commander; F. F. Sutherland, Adjutant; and Bert Akins, Finance Officer.

A building situated on the west side of Main Street, occupied later by Hood Grocery, was purchased for $200. It was decided in 1944 to sell the original building and purchase more suitable housing for the Legion Home. Several available places were considered. Foremost among these were buildings owned by John Cecil, Bert Akins and Clyde Yandell. It was decided to sell the old building to V. M. Hood for $200 and purchase the Yandell property, Oct. 2, 1944. The purchase price was $500.

Eleven years ago, Dean Padgett, who served in the Air Force, became commander. Prior to this time, Dean Jefferies, who served in the Navy during World War II was commander. In the district the Fair Grove post is located, Don Eagleburger is the longest surviving member — for 64 years.

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