Our sympathy is with the family of Johnny Stoner. Johnny had a daughter, Melaine, and three sons, Josh, Dusty and Cody. He will be buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery.

Rachel Wasil’s mother-in-law was taken to the hospital for surgery. Kaleb Young was in the hospital but is home now. Diane Anderson has had surgery for a broken hip. Pray for all the above. Everyone needs prayers.

Today, Sunday, has been a beautiful May day. It’s past the time most old-timers used to get their gardens out. Some gardens, like Marjorie Teer’s garden, her beans didn’t come up. This year, if you got your garden out early, so many seeds just rotted in the ground with all this rain. To put out a garden now, you take the chance of it being dry and not growing.

If you have iris flowers in your yard, they sure have been beautiful. The peonies are blooming now. The grass is growing and needs to be cut often. It seems that is keeping many people busy.

Branch Assembly of God Church was open this Sunday. It was open last Sunday. So don’t get discouraged. Things are opening up. I just pray we will not have a lot of people sick in our area. Our world as it once was may never be again. God has all the answers. Remember we change, but God never changes. He is the same today as yesterday, and He will be tomorrow. We, the people, are the ones who change.

It will be canning time before long. I have Ball books to be used when canning. The Kerr book, copyright 1947-1959, has “Homemaker Helps,” such as, when you want to keep egg yolks fresh and soft, put them in a Kerr jelly jar and pour a little salad oil (or water if kept a day or two) over them. Put the lid on the jar and store it in the refrigerator. Kerr, mason or Ball wide-mouth pint or quart jars are ideal for storing foods of all kinds in the refrigerator. They take up very little room, and the cap will protect the food from drying out or spilling.

We were told that Kaleb Young was taken to the hospital and that he’s now at home. Right family, but wrong son. It was Kain, the oldest boy. Ha-ha. Sometimes moms have a way of calling their children by the wrong name, but it wasn’t the mother this time. Who did this? The grandma.

Tomorrow, Monday, if the sun is still shining, I bet there will be a lot of lawn mowers cutting grass. It sure can grow fast this time of year. It will take a few days for the ground to dry out before people can get back to their gardens.

Next week will be Memorial weekend. If you need to get groceries, maybe you can do so in the early mornings. I plan to. Last time I was in Camdenton, it seemed the traffic had picked up.

Happy birthday to Seth Larson, Mary Wiemerslage, Candace Comer, Robert Trulove, Sharon Burdett, Cheryl Bland, Kaytlyn Dunivan, Joshua Taylor and Bill Mashburn. Happy anniversary to Chris and Jessi Smith, and David and Renee Lynch.

God has sent April showers, and we’ve had beautiful May flowers. The yards are beautiful and green. Maybe you all can soon put out your gardens. We must learn to be thankful for what God gives us. He knows best.

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