It has been an interesting week in the Rader area with five people testing positive for COVID and more than a dozen others having to be confined to home because of close contact.

The hunters dinner and breakfast were canceled with the hope of having them before year’s end. Some families received food baskets with an unusual variety of food because everything could not be kept indefinitely.   

The Helping Hand Club did have its Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday with 15 members present. The only correspondence was a card from Joan Sommers. The calendars will be ready to hand out next week. The door prize was won by Nina Walke. The club voted to give a donation to AJ and Christin Perryman to assist in the expensive adoption process of a little girl in Vietnam. The next meeting will be the annual Christmas party Dec. 9. There will be quilting in the morning, and the lunch and gift exchange begins at noon.

The club members wish to send a big thank you to Rosemary Howe of Elkland and Noelle Kater of Bolivar for coming to help tie quilts Wednesday morning. They also donated a whole table full of quilted sleepers, fabric and finished baby blankets. Every hour you can donate to help quilt or to tie quilts is a big help in getting our many projects done. Some of our finished quilts are sold to help our treasury grow, but many are given to families in need. Thank you two girls so very much!

Dave and Nina Walke returned their grandson, Samuel, to his momma Erika in Ozark last week. He spent a week on the farm and kept those grandparents hopping. Both of them were amazed at how quiet the house seemed after Samuel went home. It was good that he was here Saturday when a wind shear hit the farm. It moved the whelping shed off the foundation and completely took away the storage shed, well house, hay barn and the dog kennels. Several trees were broken down, and the house and garage suffered severe roof damage. Thankfully Dave, Nina and their dogs survived, but it might be a while before the damage can be repaired. 

Chanlar and Regan Terry stopped in to visit great-grandma Betty Terry for a while before going next door to see Reggie and Star Terry. The couple were visiting from Nebraska. Great-Grandma Betty gave them a handmade quilt for the expected baby. 

Because Bertha Terry is in quarantine, only Marjorie Welch and Leona Medlock went to the Morgan Store on Saturday. Leona also went in to Webster County Printing to pick up the club calendars. Thank you, Robert and staff, for the great job in getting them done. 

Raymond and Paden Lucero, Lyndall Newton, Crystal Ivy, Howard Reimas, Gary Shaffstall, and Jim and Diane Whitwer were dinner guests at the home of Frank Dolence on Saturday afternoon. By dinner time there were already a few deer hanging from the meat pole. 

There will be a fundraiser garage sale at the Eureka Family Center in Rader on Nov. 20-21 with lunch available on Saturday. This is to help the MJ Perryman family bring their newly adopted daughter home from Vietnam.

This week birthday wishes go out to Haddie Yelvington, Jewel Baldwin, Cheryl Terry, Maggie Buttram, Marlene Terry, Broady Rust, Jamie Watson, Nina Walke, Howard Ridgley Jr., Alice Elmitt, Debbie Holt, Kenny Storie, Jennifer Twyman, Virginia Castagolia, Lauren Kavanaugh and Nicholas Lewis. 

Please continue to pray for our nation and our people. 

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