As part of its efforts to commemorate the state’s bicentennial, the State Historical Society of Missouri has launched the Missouri Encyclopedia, a freely accessible, engaging and authoritative resource for understanding Missouri’s past and people. 

Visitors to the encyclopedia’s website can explore topics such as the Louisiana Purchase and Missouri-Kansas Border War and learn how these events shaped the nation and Missouri’s place within it. Biographies on the site illustrate the lives of Missourians who became movie stars, famous athletes, military leaders, politicians and more.

SHSMO Executive Director Gary R. Kremer said, “We hope that the Missouri Encyclopedia becomes the starting point for researchers who seek to learn more about the history and culture of our diverse state and its people.” 

Although the encyclopedia is launching in conjunction with the Missouri 2021 Bicentennial, the society plans to grow and maintain the site beyond the state’s bicentennial year. 

“Our goal is to build a comprehensive online history encyclopedia that includes all of the state’s regions and time periods, and that covers a wide range of topics concerning the people, places, events and traditions significant to Missouri and its past,” said John Brenner, managing editor at the State Historical Society of Missouri. 

To help the resource grow, the Missouri Encyclopedia is actively seeking suggestions for local and regional topics. Topics suggested to the site’s editors will be evaluated for inclusion in the online publication. 

“We believe that with the public’s help, the encyclopedia can provide current and future audiences with an essential resource on the history of Missouri and its region,” said Michael Sweeney, coordinator for the Missouri 2021 Bicentennial. 

The Missouri Encyclopedia is online and free to worldwide audiences. Go to

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