My dad, Arnold Jensen, walks daily on Highway 65, Thomasville Road and Shorty Road. He has dementia. He enjoys walking and picking up things that interest him on the side of the road.

Recently it has been brought to my attention that he has been going into people’s property, even entering residences. A deputy has been to our home, and he and I have warned my dad not to do this.

A few days ago, someone felt threatened by him and shot at him. Because of this, one of the family now keeps him company when he walks.

We thought we were being careful enough by following him when he left to see which direction he took, and checking on him several times until he returned safely home. There is always someone at our home.

We have taken the precaution to write his name, address and phone number on all of his outerwear. Please, if you feel threatened by him or think he needs help, contact us or the sheriff’s office.

He is 80 years old and easily confused, so any confrontation makes him feel threatened. He might get a little agitated in this type of situation, but I have never known him to get violent. He just wants to walk, and talks to anyone who will take a little time to listen.

This man is loved and cared for. We do not want him harmed. We just want him to be able to enjoy what remains of his life.

Thank you to all who have watched out for him and worried about him. I appreciate all of you.

Mary Skinner


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