State of Missouri vs. Timothy Lee Brown Jr.

Brown, 25, Elkland, had pled guilty on July 15, 2014, to manufacturing a contolled substance and was sentenced to nine years in the Missouri Department of Corrections. Judge Lisa Henderson retained jurisdiction to release him after 120 days in the institutional drug treatment center.

On July 15 Brown also pled guilty to maintaining a public nuisance and was sentenced to five years in the DOC with suspended execution of sentence and five years probation. The sentences were to be consecutive.

Brown was released after 120 days, and on March 17 Dallas County Prosecuting Attorney Barbara J. Viets filed a motion to revoke Brown’s probation, alleging there were three incidents in which Brown had either admitted to the use of a controlled substance or had tested positive for drugs.

On March 24 Brown appeared before Judge Lisa Henderson and admitted the violations. At that time Viets recommended that his probation be revoked and he be sent to the Department of Corrections for long-term drug abuse treatment, a 12- to 24-month program. If he completes that program successfully, he will be released on probation.

Judge Henderson revoked Brown’s probation and ordered his sentences to be executed. She ordered him into the long-term drug abuse treatment program.

State of Missouri vs. Steven Alverson

Alverson, Buffalo, had pled guilty on July 13, 2014, to stealing electronic devices and was sentenced to 120 days in the Missouri Department of Corrections’ 120-day drug treatment program.

He was released on probation, and on Jan. 20 Prosecutor Viets filed a motion to revoke his probation, alleging he had tested positive for the use of marijuana and methamphetamine He also admitted to drug use on previous occasions.

He appeared before Judge Henderson on Jan. 20, and at that time the judge delayed disposition to March 24. At that time it was reported that Brown had been under supervision of the Court Probation Services and was doing well. All drug tests since Nov. 24, 2014, had been negative. Also, Brown was working full time and moved into a more stable home plan.

Viets withdrew her motion to revoke his probation and recommended he be transferred to CPS from state supervision.

Judge Henderson did transfer him to CPS and amended conditions — she removed the curfew and management program conditions.

State of MIssouri vs. Dominic Paul Torimino

Torimino, Buffalo, had entered a guilty plea on Aug. 26, 2014, to two counts of possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine and oxycodone. He was given a suspended imposition of sentence and five years probation on each count.

On Nov. 20, 2014, Prosecutor Viets filed a motion to revoke Torimino’s probation, alleging he violated conditions of bond supervision by failing two straight weeks to show up for drug testing.

On Dec. 2, 2014, he appeared before Judge Lisa Henderson and admitted the violations. Viets recommended he be sent to the Missouri Department of Corrections under a court order detention sanction (CODS) for 120 days substance abuse treatment as an additional condition to probation.

The case was continued, and on March 17 he appeared before Judge Henderson, and the court addressed additional violations of probation. Viets recommended that the defendant’s probation be revoked and that he be sentenced to five years in the DOC. He would be released after successfully completing 120 days in the institutional treatment center.

Judge Henderson ordered him to serve 120 days in the treatment center.

State of Missouri vs. James Boehning

Boehning, 30, Buffalo, had been charged with the Class 3 felony of passing bad checks.

On March 3 he appeared before Judge Lisa Henderson and entered a guilty plea. Pursuant to a plea agreement, Boehning received an imposition of sentence and two years probation under the supervision of Court Probation Services.

He was ordered to pay restitution of $125 per month, with total restitution being $1,677.79.

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