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When it comes to interviewing, the unfortunate truth is that the rules of fairness and objectivity don’t always evenly apply to all people in all situations. Although we may like to think that HR professionals and hiring personnel stick solely to experience and qualifications when making their decisions, the truth is, they’re just people—and are […]

As the adage goes, “to err is human.” Mistakes and bias are built into the human condition. We can try our very best to maintain objectivity, but more often than not we allow personal biases to creep into our everyday decision making. While most of the time these biases are harmless, this can become a […]

There’s a growing trend across industries when it comes to hiring—and in the age of information, you may be surprised to learn that involves having access to less information instead of more, in an effort to enhance ethical hiring practices and improve workplace diversity. If your company isn’t utilizing blind hiring practices yet, it might […]