ELVA SMITH - 101 years old

Pictured is Elva Smith at 99 years old after she won her medal for her rug she made for the Golden Age Games in October 2018 at Mountain Grove.

Elva Lillegard Smith will mark her 101st birthday today, Wednesday, April 29. She was born April 29, 1919, in Cylinder, Iowa.

In 1928 she moved to Foose, Mo., on a farm with her parents. On Nov. 4, 1939, she married Jack Smith, and they lived on a farm until his death.

She was famous for her chicken and noodles, and angel food cakes. Timmy Austin asked her to make her famous dish the last time they all met as a group in the community.

Elva sold her farm to Barbara Austin and her husband, and now Timmy still runs the farm. Elva moved in July 1959 to Springfield, where she lived until she moved in December 2014 to Webco assisted living in Marshfield.

She has been known in Marshfield as the “rag rug lady.” Elva still makes rag rugs and sells them. Her niece and husband Neta and Don Kent bring her sheets they get from garage sales. The Kents live in Fair Grove.

Elva has one brother living, Floyd and Polly Lillegard of Monett. She has many dear friends in Marshfield. Her dear friends in Foose visit her in Marshfield — Barbara Austin and Bonnie Powell.

The Buffalo Reflex is her weekly enjoyment to read.

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