The Buffalo Garden Club held its May meeting at the home of member Thelma “Tess” Kurtz on Thursday, May 24. The members attending were Karen Kruger, Thelma Kurtz, Penny Nevills, Maxine Nimmo, Liz Van Dee, Brie Warren and Janet Wood. 

We also had a guest and potential new member, Kay Patrick. Our roll call question was “What are your favorite annuals?” There were several answers, such as petunias, vincas, marigolds, zinnias and impatiens. 

Brie presented the treasurer’s report. Receipts were presented for supplies for the upcoming flower show. The report was accepted and will be filed as read. Liz reported about the display gardens, and she said now was a busy time to water the gardens and pull the ever-present weeds. Liz got the pink garden planted at the Blue Star Memorial. The pink garden is a memorial for breast cancer survivors. This is a primary program through the Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri. Liz and Maxine Nimmo will be out searching for the June Yard of the Month.

We went over the plans for the June 8 flower show held in the O’Bannon community room. We will register the entries from 8:30 a.m. to noon. This will be the first time helping at the flower show for some of our newest members. We always enjoy sharing the benefits of our work with others. Our spring has been so unpredictable that we are praying for the needed sunshine to spark the flowers to bloom. We always encourage the public to bring their flowers in, too.

The Buffalo Garden Club will be the hosts for our Southwest District meeting. There will be six clubs attending along with our state president and other state officers. We are in the planning stages at this time for a caterer, our speaker and overall theme for the meeting. We selected the different committee chairmen and responsibilities. 

Liz presented the bird report about the chimney swift. They perform their courtship in the air, in addition to eating and mating. Their nests are built along vertical walls of chimneys and barn eaves. The birds migrate to South America for the winter, mostly to the rain forests of Peru.

After our business meeting, we walked Thelma’s wildflower trail. Thelma received an award from the Missouri Foresters Association for her trail. It has been traveled by several scout groups. This is an annual event for the club as the trail is always in transition and there are the additions of Thelma’s special touches. 

Garden tips: Blossom end rot on tomatoes is caused by a lack of calcium and uneven watering. Add lime or Epsom salts and keep mulched for soil moisture.

Did you know? Burying banana skins around the base of roses will give you more blooms and healthy, shiny leaves.

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