Abercrombie, Strickland, Crane

From left, Sydney Abercrombie, Kathrine Strickland and Tyler Crane attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy June 24-27 at William Woods University in Fulton.

The Buffalo Rotary Club sponsored three high school girls’ attendance at the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy June 24-27 at William Woods University in Fulton.

Two of them - Kathrine Strickland and Sydney Abercrombie - made presentations on the subject at the Rotary Club meeting on Aug. 8 and Tyler Crane made her presentation on Aug. 15. 

Strickland said a personality test showed that she is loyal, and she learned that a person doesn’t have to be outspoken to be a leader. Not only did she learn to be a better leader, but she learned to be a better team player.

Abercrombie said she was nervous the first day about talking with people she didn’t know, but soon everybody was sharing information about their lives and backgrounds. She called the activities “fast paced” and said everyone was involved in community projects at the event.

Crane said there were “ice breaker” games, and “pretty soon we all iknew each other.” She said she liked the “Rotary moments” when members of the Rotary Club shared their experiences.

Crane was proud that her group won second place in the service project category, and she learned how people can work together better. She emphasized that she learned the qualities of a good leader and how to lead successfully. Team-building activities were a vital part of her experience, she said.

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