Do you ‘Believe in Buffalo’? The GRO Buffalo movement does and is taking action.

GRO Buffalo has organized the first community beautification event to help bring pride back into the community by improving aesthetics in Buffalo. Volunteers are needed to help cleanup crews on properties, and will assemble at 9 a.m., Saturday, April 7 at the Dallas County Community Park. 

To add your name to the volunteer call list, contact Clara Boggs, community volunteer coordinator (417) 345-1889.

Community volunteers will be able to remove junk, furniture, appliances, yard waste and clear vegetation or debris to be ready for mowing season.

“Our hands are here to help occupied homeowners who may need a little assistance.” Nicole Bryan, owner of Market 116, explained.

The city of Buffalo has slated the annual spring citywide cleanup for the week of April 9 to 12. Buffalo citizens are able to place big trash at the curbside for pickup on their regular trash day. A flyer will be in the next billing cycle, which details any restrictions. 

Next, Buffalo city hall is taking phone calls from homeowners who are looking for a helping hand to clean up their property. Callers should be prepared to provide city hall workers with the address, phone number and a description of what needs to be done on the property. Call city hall at (417) 345-2701.

The ‘Believe in Buffalo’ project organized by the GRO Buffalo movement wants to help property owners who may not have the means or health to start spring cleanup at their homes. Waivers of liability will be signed by homeowners before any volunteer will begin working on their property.

GRO Buffalo has set up a Facebook page for community members to keep updated on projects and plans, A discussion group on Facebook is open to share ideas, #GRObuffalo — The Conversation.

Moving forward, GRO Buffalo volunteers are planning two cleanup days per month. The next cleanup day will be April 21. 

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