New titles are added monthly at the Dallas County Library. Everyone is invited to stop by and browse.

New additions include the following:

• “Blue Moon” by Lee Child In the next highly anticipated installment of Lee Child’s acclaimed suspense series, Jack Reacher comes to the aid of an elderly couple and confronts his most dangerous opponents yet. 

• “Home Work, a Memoir of My Hollywood Years” by Julie Andrews — In her second memoir, Julie Andrews picks up the story with her arrival in Hollywood and her phenomenal rise to fame in her earliest films, “Mary Poppins” and “The Sound of Music.” Andrews describes her years in the film industry, from the incredible highs to the challenging lows.

• “Me” by Elton John — Christened Reginald Dwight, he was a shy boy with Buddy Holly glasses who grew up in a London suburb and dreamed of becoming a pop star. By the age of 23, he was performing his first gig in America, facing an astonished audience in his bright yellow dungarees, a star-spangled T-shirt and boots with wings. Elton John had arrived, and the music world would never be the same again. 

• “Notre-Dame” by Ken Follett — In this short, spellbinding book, the international best-selling author describes the emotions that gripped him when he learned about the fire that threatened to destroy one of the greatest cathedrals in the world. He tells the story of the cathedral, from its construction to the role it has played across time and history, and reveals the influence it had upon cathedrals across the world and on the writing of one of Follett’s most famous and beloved novels, “The Pillars of the Earth.”

• “The Pioneer Woman Cooks: The New Frontier” by Ree Drummond — Much has happened on Drummond Ranch during the past couple years — the kids are growing up, Ree’s business has expanded and her cooking has evolved. 

• “Sam Houston & the Alamo Avengers” by Brian Kilmeade —The author explores hidden aspects of Sam Houston, the first president of Texas, and brings the reader to the scenes of one of the most pivotal moments in American history.

• “Child’s Play” by Danielle Steel — A senior partner at a prestigious New York law firm, Kate Morgan couldn't be prouder of her three grown children. Sometimes the surprising choices our children make are the right ones … better than what we wanted for them. More often than not, parenting is about letting go of our dreams and embracing theirs.

• “What Comes My Way” by Tracie Peterson — 1902. Ella Fleming is on the run from her past and the secrets that could tear her family apart. As a member of a Wild West show comprised of all-female performers, her uncanny talent for trick riding impresses the viewers. Only while performing, she forgets the truth — she is the daughter of a murderer. 

The Dallas County Library is at 219 W. Main St., Buffalo. Call (417) 345-2647 for more information about how to borrow materials, or go to

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