The Dallas County Fair and Junior Livestock Show 2019 is now behind us. There are so many people to thank for the hard work and time that goes into this event. Many people spend many hours for our youth. A lot of local businesses and residents in Buffalo made financial donations and spent lots of time for this event. We all owe a huge thank-you to all of them.

This year, the Dallas County Fair Board went over and above by adding a huge event (Music in the Park), sponsored by Farmers Insurance and Judy Parrack, agent.  

Our youth participated in many events: swine market animals, poultry, rabbits, market sale, sheep, beef cattle, dairy cattle, meat goats, dairy goats, horses, horticulture, home economics, fine arts and youth farm mechanics.

On Saturday, June 29, from 6 until 9 p.m., Buffalo was entertained by two recording artist groups. The event opened with The ABLeS of Bolivar. They entertained us for one hour. They were followed by the Cross Atlantic band out of Nashville, Tenn., that entertained us for two hours. Cross Atlantic, the duo pair, consisted of James Sinclair-Stott and Karli Chayne. I am proud to say that Karli Chayne grew up in Buffalo. She is one of us, and I expected a huge crowd. To my disappointment, that did not happen. Each of these groups had a variety of music that was enjoyed by all ages (young and old).

The quality of both bands was more than awesome. Those who attended were so impressed and had the time of their life. If you did not attend this free three-hour concert, you missed a great night of entertainment. Needless to say, it was a free concert, and anywhere else this would have cost you $20 or more. I was very disappointed with the very light turnout at this great event.

The Dallas County Fair Committee goes over and above to create the best event possible for our youth and community, and we need to show them how thankful we are for their hard work by attending their events.  

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