How many times have you heard your children or grandchildren complain about being bored? Boredom is a problem that is decades old. With little chores to take up their time, they fill the hours with video games, television and personal readers. 

Stop the boredom by putting together a Bored Jar. Listed below are 25 items to start your gameplay. Cut ideas apart and scrunch to go inside the jar. Every so often, come up with a unique challenge based on personal family ideas. Try to keep the Bored Jar with more than just a couple slips of paper to choose from.

The element of surprise adds a fun factor. Have the children commit to finishing any item that is in the jar. Parents could even add some extra household chores in there. A special candy treat can go in the pot, too. Hide it until they draw the slip of paper that says, "Candy." The sky is the limit for a Bored Jar.

Ideas for a Bored Jar

1. Time for a board game. Pick out a family favorite.

2. Walk backward from the road to the back of the yard.

3. Make Dots and Box games. Play each other in a tournament.

4. Give each other back rubs.

5. Borrow a phone. Snap a photo of something alive, something that isn't alive and something about the house you like.

6. Write a story together by writing on a sheet one sentence and then passing it on to the next player. Go around at least twice. Then someone read aloud to the rest of the family at supper.

7. Talent show. Dance, sing, explain football, whistle, karate, Tik-Tok stunts: each to plan their talent and then show the rest of the family.

8. Hop on one foot to the road from the garage, then change feet. Do it one more time, skipping both ways. The last time, flap your arms like birds, run to the road, and walk back with toe to toe walking a straight line.

9. Race around the outside of the house.

10. Write and perform a play—use these items to start: climbing a mountain, one red shoe, Turtle Tammy.

11. Count the stairs all over the house. Climb up and down the stairs on your bottom.

12. You're a spy. What's your mission? Write or draw it out.

13. Yoga - Pick five poses, completing the task after three rounds.

14. Draw a Cartoon of you doing something silly.

15. Pretend to own a restaurant. Use waiter tickets, pretend guests, play tableware, etc. 

16. Draw pets in pretty dresses.

17. Pretend your house is haunted. Who is the ghost? Write or draw it out.

18. Draw around your hand. Write something you like about yourself on each finger.

19. Draw a lama surfing.

20. Draw a flamingo doing ballet.

21. Write or Draw a short story using these three things: kangaroo, watermelon, smartest man or woman in the world.

22. Each person picks a song and dances it out.

23. Learn to say the alphabet backward.

24. Draw a person with fruit for hair.

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