Lake level: 841.43.

Water temperature: 55-60 degrees.

Water condition: The lake is currently 2 feet high. The water level has been slowly dropping over the past week. The water is stained in the main lake area and gets dirtier father up each arm.


Action: Good.

Pattern: Brush piles in 15-25 feet of water are producing some nice crappie. The females are full of eggs and are ready to head shallow, however the cold nights have kept them in deeper water. The crappie are active and biting good. If the weather is stable, try casting jigs over the top of the brush and retrieve slowly; if a front comes through, vertical jig on top of or in the brush.

Lures: Water conditions are stained to dirty; a dark-colored jig is the best. Your jig selection for profile and color should be determined by the daily conditions. For the first couple days after a cold front, try a smaller profile like the 1.75-inch Crappie Slammers Shimmer Stix. Jig colors in liberator, glow chartreuse, electric lime, cotton candy and chartreuse sparkle have been great.

Helpful hint: The crappie are trying to come shallow, however the cold nights keep holding them back. The rule of thumb in these conditions is to start deep and work shallow. The crappie are pretty aggressive, and it won’t take long to figure out the right depth.


Action: Good.

Pattern: The water level is 2 to 3 feet high, allowing the bass an opportunity to hide in the brush along the bank. Craw-colored crankbaits along the edges of the brush or around shallow structure. If wind is present, focus on the banks where the wind is blowing, try a spinner bait. Jigs in the flooded brush have produced some solid fish.

Lures: Crankbait, finesse jig, grub or spinner bait.

Helpful hint: Chunk rock banks and wind have been key to consistently catching bass.

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