This week in Dallas County history, as recorded in the Buffalo Reflex.

Sept. 25, 1958

Urbana businesses were set to celebrate Hospitality Day with a free fish fry on the city streets from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Oct. 2. The holiday observance was a gesture of good will and appreciation. 

Rosa Ethridge, Lone Post, brought in wild hop twigs. She previously transplanted the 42-year-old plant from a river farm the family owned. “Our mothers and grandmothers used hops in the preparation of homemade yeast for bread doughs.” 

Showing at the Buflo Theatre was “Bullwhip.”

Showing at the Autoscope drive-in was “Never Say Goodbye.”

Area deaths included George W. Askew, Rhea Mildred Engle, Della White, Ed “Doc” Meadows, young Mitchell daughter and Lola Flanagan.

Sept. 26, 1968

The Hermitage boys and girls basketball and softball coach was scheduled to report for duty with the U.S. military on Oct. 2. William Floyd Willis also taught physical education, world history and American history. Applications for the position were being accepted by H.C. Kinder, superintendent. 

Residents with news to share on KBFL were invited to call the station and use the “electronic secretary” to make a voice recording. Wayne Lemmons assured people their voice and recording would be transcribed, and an announcer would read the news at 8:32 a.m. and noon. 

Showing at the Buffalo Theatre was “The Party.”

Showing at the Autoscope drive-in was “Fathom.”

Area deaths included Billie Wilson, Edgar Allen Bancroft, Faye B. Propeck, Jerry Thomas Lynch, Jim Jack, Joe R. Clymore, Ira L. Yates, Ores Enoch “Doc” Beck and June (Higgenball) Talbot.

Sept. 28, 1978

Dennis Mallory, grandson of Dillard A. Mallory, Buffalo, was killed in a Houma, La., motorcycle crash while he and his wife were en route to move to the area. Wife Cynthia was driving a car behind Mallory when his motorcycle collided head on with a car traveling the opposite direction. 

The largemouth bass limit on lakes was to be reduced to six fish the following year. The six bass limit already had been in effect on streams for several years. 

Three area piano students advanced to state finals of the Missouri Music Teachers Auditions in Springfield. The students of Ruth Kreisel were Debbie Deckard of Long Lane, Renee Ladue of Halfway and Jeannae Stephenson of Pleasant Hope. 

Showing at the Hwy 65 Drive-In was “The End.”

Area deaths included Ruth Elizabeth Beck Curnutt, Alice Pearl Williams, Dosha Breshears Neiman, Claudia Maurine Williams, Dennis Arthur Mallory, Walter W. Colbert, Lowell Ware and Mary Ellen Beehler.

Sept. 28, 1988

Ned Reynolds of KY3 Television visited with Buffalo residents on the “Man With a Mike” segment inside Engles Senior Center. Bert Booth, Buffalo, guessed there are 164 nations in the United Nations, which was closest to the correct answer of 159. 

Clifford McMillan, 90, pushed apples though an antique cider press as the Fair Grove Ozarks Heritage Reunion.

A craft and produce shop called Wendell’s Crafts opened three miles north of Urbana. Items for sale included produce, egg Christmas ornaments, stuffed toys, bird feeders, pewter products, woven baskets and decorated hats. 

Area deaths included Virginia F. Vogels, Ray L. Glass and Bernice Helen Comstock.

Sept. 30, 1998

The first recorded grand jury in Dallas County history was convened after indicting six murder defendants and one unrelated felony sexual abuse defendant. The murder defendants stood trial for the murder of Michael David Sutton, 20, Buffalo. 

David Smith, Halfway, held the record for distance traveled by a human cannonball. He recently flew 185 feet, 10 inches, to beat the 1940 record held by Emanuel Zacchini of 175 feet. Smith was a trained gymnast and held a master’s degree in education. He sought to dispel the stereotype of circus people. The Smith family moved from Oregon to Halfway because of its central U.S. location and a recommendation from Carden Circus, which wintered near Willard. 

Area deaths included Tressie Baldwin Smarr.

Sept. 24, 2008

While trout fishing at Bennett Spring, Lynn Nicholas reeled in a man’s wallet. It contained more than $80 cash, credit cards and various forms of ID. He contacted the owner with a phone number on an emergency contact card, and learned it had fallen into the river seven weeks prior. Nicholas mailed the wallet and its contents to the grateful owner. 

Deborah Kenady, Windyville, and Mark Blevins, Niangua, filed state complaints against the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office because of alleged discrimination. Kenady was dismissed after she took action against a member of the sheriff’s family, and Blevins was laid off and replaced with someone less qualified, they alleged. 

Area deaths included Don Andrew Bay, Barbara Frances Hamilton and Phyllis Roberts-Summer.

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