DC R-1 board approves budget of $3.25 million

This week in Dallas County history as recorded in the Buffalo Reflex.

June 23, 1960

Frank Glenn of Kansas City, founder of the Frank Glenn Memorial Library in Buffalo, passed away June 12, after a long illness. He was well-known and highly esteemed in Buffalo and the community, and with his passing, the community lost a benefactor and a friend. Glenn, who was a connoisseur of books, world traveler and eminent lecturer, first became interested in Buffalo when he came here with his “Magic Carpet” in October 1952.

Showing at the Buflo Theatre were “Cash McCall” and “The Gazebo.”

Area deaths included Tom Hartley, Clara E. Dill, Albert J. Parscale, David A. Ball, Wilma L. Darby, Joe Baxter, Ernest Jennings, Jake Clemmons and Mrs. Ollie Sergent.

June 25, 1970

Republican congressmen from coast to coast reported their mail reflects growing support for President Richard Nixon’s Cambodia move — a sharp change from the opposition immediately following the president’s decision. Many credited the change to public reaction against student anti-war tactics; others to the success of the Cambodian operation. The congressmen also reported that mail about the president’s decision to invade the Red sanctuaries in Cambodia began to taper off, possibly because of the close of school for the summer and a calmer second look by the American people at Nixon’s efforts to extricate this country from the Vietnam conflict.

Area deaths included Claud E. Bennett, Dale R. Swanigan, Icle Frasure, Thelma Gaunt, Frank J. Brownfield and Buell S. Wilkerson.

June 26, 1980

The Dallas County R-1 Board of Education approved a budget proposal of about $3.25 million for the 1980-81 academic year. The budget proposal was presented by Superintendent Jack Howard at the board’s monthly meeting. The budget called for estimated expenditures of $3,247,653 in four budgetary funds. Anticipated revenues totaled $3,410,764.

Area deaths included Vivian M. Ott, William Staffen, Otto J. Holding, Adlai T. Hall, Mrs. Lloyd Smith and Alpha T. Fisher.

June 27, 1990

Scattered sightings of black bears in Dallas County indicated at least three individuals or bear families were roaming the Buffalo area. That was cause for excitement, according to Dallas County Conservation Agent Alan Daniels. Daniels said he received numerous reports of bear sightings from three areas of the county. Daniels said callers “got good looks at them. It couldn’t be a mistake.” Callers had reported both mature bears and large cubs. Reports came from three areas on the same morning — near Steelman bridge on the Niangua, near Hico Ford farther south on the river, and north of Buffalo west of Mo. 73 just south of Mo. 64.

Area deaths included Jeff J. Coley, Ida R. Zimmerman, George A. Oldham, Don E. Worstell and Jennie Edgcomb.

June 28, 2000

Missouri Conservation Department officials were cautiously preparing for a big holiday crowd at the Lead Mine Conservation Area in northeastern Dallas County. Local Conservation Agent Alan Daniels said that the department had received word that members of the “Rainbow Family” were planning a gathering at the 7,180-acre public forest. “Other than that, we don’t know what’s going to happen, if anything,” Daniels said. “We could get anywhere from 25 to 500.”

Area deaths included Willia D. Freeman, Dorothy E. Bell, Stanley D. Smith, Marie A. Bancroft, Gladys T. Bradley and Frances J. Decker. 

June 23, 2010

Timothy L. Lestourgeon sat in the Dallas County Detention Center following his apprehension in Benton County by Dallas County law enforcement officials. But it was by no means his first visit to such an institution; he had been convicted of many crimes since 2001 in several counties. These included assault, possession of marijuana and speeding. He had been convicted of driving while his license was revoked.

Area deaths included Charley C. Chaplin, Doris F. Hanna, Geneva S. McDaniel, Rheba M. Moss and William R. Tucker.

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