During Feb. 25’s news briefing at the state Capitol, Gov. Mike Parson announced that Phase 1B, Tier 3, of the state’s COVID-19 vaccine plan will be activated Monday, March 15, which will make about 550,000 more Missourians eligible to receive a vaccine.

Phase 1B, Tier 3, includes those who keep the essential functions of society running, including kindergarten through 12th grade educators and school employees; child care providers; grocery store employees; and energy, food, agriculture and other critical infrastructure workers, among others.

For the full list of categories included in Phase 1B, Tier 3, go to covidvaccine.mo.gov/info-graphic-alt/vaccine-availability.html. Missourians in Phase 1A and Phase 1B, Tier 1 and Tier 2, will also remain eligible. 

Currently, the state estimates that there are about 800,000 Missourians who are eligible and interested in getting vaccinated. By March 15, the state expects this number to decrease to about 400,000. 

Activating Phase 1B, Tier 3, on March 15 will help ensure that there is a steady population of people who are eligible and interested in receiving a vaccine. This will allow vaccinators across the state to continue vaccinating Missourians without delays due to those who are eligible but not seeking a vaccine.

Parson also provided an update about COVID-19 data and vaccine progress. As of Feb. 24, about 12 percent of Missouri’s population has received at least one dose of the vaccine. More than 350,000 Missourians have been fully vaccinated with both doses.

This past week, Missouri was allotted more than 120,000 initial doses of the Modena and Pfizer vaccine for distribution across the state. This week, Missouri has been allotted more than 128,500 initial doses. This allotment could increase with the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine’s being granted an emergency use authorization by the Food and Drug Administration.

Missourians are encouraged to visit MOStopsCOVID.com to view the latest vaccine updates, find out when they are eligible for the vaccine and locate available vaccinators in their area.

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