Driving in the city limits of a trashy town with litter in the ditches and unkept parking lots is not an enticement to make the traveler want to stay longer. They might fill up with gas, but a used diaper in the parking lot probably won’t be an invitation to stop for food.

The opportunity for economic development growth and real estate values halts when the residents of a town don’t care enough about their town’s appearance. The population must be mindful that Buffalo is cleaning up to attract businesses. Buffalo could be skipped over by businesses wanting to develop a company if Buffalo appears blighted because of excessive trash. Buffalo leaders encourage the community to take pride in where they live and help control litter problems.

Clean communities are attractive and tend to have better property value than a community with rundown buildings. Crime levels seem to go down in communities that exhibit pride. Litter threatens the quality of the environment, acting as a breeding ground for fire and disease. 

The Missouri Department of Transportation states that litter destroys the beauty of the community. Tourism is essential to Missouri and its economy. Trash can give a poor impression to visitors.

Don’t be a litterbug. 

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