Buffalo Prairie Middle School • 7th Grade • Classroom of Katie Rock


By Keyonia Morton

You should always be friendly to others because you never know what they are going through. To be friendly means to show kind interest and goodwill, cheerful and comforting towards others. Whenever you are friendly to others it will most likely make people think kindly of you and feel as if you are there for them and they have someone to go to when they are having a rough time. If everyone was friendly towards everyone it would help better the community.


By Benjamin Hainline 

It means to me what we all should do. If we are all friendly to each other we would live in a better community. the neighbors talk to each other and live a kind community and we live in a better world and that's why we should all be friendly.



By Abigail Gann

What friendly means to me! To me friendly means to be nice and be kind to your friends. Especially with Covid people are feeling left out, unwelcomed, and just themselves anymore. You should help people and be friendly especially if they don’t understand. To be friendly makes people feel welcomed and included, don’t ignore them and play favorites with anyone because it’s just not nice. If you're not friendly to one of your best friends they might not want to be your friend anymore and they could spread rumors that you're not a nice person even though you are. Be friendly to all of your friends, neighbors and even strangers unless they look suspicious. And that’s what friendly means to me. 


By Logan Hawes 

The word friendly means to be nice, and do to others that you want to be done to you. What it means to me is that even if you aren’t doing well that doesn’t mean that you should let your anger out on others and if others are let down then try to bring them back up by being friendly. What I'm trying to say is that you should be friendly no matter the circumstance. Lastly if you do something wrong always apologize and don’t let it bring you down. 


By Bianca Warren

Friendly is a characteristic word that describes a person who seems nice and treats everyone equally. Friendly usually coincides with helpful, sympathetic, kind, affectionate. People who contain the characteristic usually are more enjoyable to be around. They get along with the majority of their peers and elders. 



By liza Dever

The word friendly means many things for many people. The definition of friendly is this; of, relating to or befitting a friend, such as showing kindly interest and goodwill; not hostile; cheerful and comforting. To some, they only refer to only friends as friendly, when it truly means anyone who at that time was acting like a friend, but does not need to be known as one. They could’ve been a stranger, your teacher, your boss, or, of course, your friends. Also, it’s nice to be friendly, even to people who aren’t. The people who weren’t friendly to you might realize that you are a friendly person and that they can count on you to help, or whatever they need. You could make a new friend that was a “enemy” at school! So, try to be friendly and try to make others as well.


By Chris Christeson

Friendly, the word to me just simply means to not be rude or disturbing. It's one of the words I would use to describe a waiter/waitress or a friend of course, maybe a random stranger off the street who helps an elderly lady cross the street, I would classify him/her as friendly. 


By Alexa Alston

Friendly. When I think of this word, I think about a select few people. One of them always being Beau. He was honestly too kind to others, and I found that amazing. Besides that, the word friendly is not something I hear on a daily basis. I hardly ever hear it used with people, and I wonder about that. Why? Well, I don’t know why. I’m not some amazingly smart person, but I can still question it. I can still question why we don’t use it as often. I find that friendly is a word we should use more often, and maybe it’ll help us unite or something. But I can’t really say that because I don't know, YET

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