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I contemplated tossing out the old Royal typewriter last week and stopped writing columns or feature stories. For the past two months, I've only been able to get out a few times because I could rarely drive. My health prevented me from enjoying life at home or in the neighborhood. more
Driving south of Buffalo one morning just a few days before the Missouri Conservation Department’s designated Eagle Days, Martha and I saw at least a half-dozen bald eagles, some aloft, some in trees. more
It was in the blood of many of our forefathers - perhaps existing in the tiny interior of their genes-something built in - never to leave. This capacity for actual physical labor - backed up by astute mental properties. Men and women who could create - as well as repair-what was required then and in the future. The very things that mean so much - whose value is not measured in monetary terms - but in terms of practical usage. New or old no matter. Often treasured from one generation to another - where time has no standing. Holding the tools used by beloved parents, grandparents and family - inside the home as well as out - to maintain what was most important in daily living. Having little ownership of what folks yesterday and today call wealth - the value was in using and protecting what was possessed. This belief was passed to each succeeding generation - whether aware of it or not-by the style of living demonstrated each day. Wealth was always measured by the security afforded to loved ones.  more
When a thought or a random fact circles around and around in your head, looking for a place to land, sometimes it’s trying to tell you something. Lately, it’s elephants who keep tromping around in my brain. more
The first day of spring is three months away as I pen these lines with the season’s first seed catalog in hand. more
Before I had teenagers of my own, I interviewed a child psychologist for an article I was writing at the time. During the interview, I asked the doctor for tips on how parents could better relate to teenagers. His answer stuck with me: “Parents need to remember that almost all teenagers have the same number one fear, and it influences nearly everything they do and say.” more
At our house, we've had a fascination with food. I love to cook, and my husband was in restaurant management for many years. We loved to try new restaurants. We made a point of trying something on the menu that we'd never eaten before. Moreover, those meals and specialty items evoke a memory of time spent together. more
While researching the history of my old homeplace, located about a mile or so northeast of the historic district of Fair Grove, I interviewed Rufus Davison, the son of J. E. and Lenna Davison. During the time they lived on that 120-acre farm, they operated Maple Leaf Dairy. To begin with, approximately 35 cows had to be milked every night and morning by hand. Later they purchased an electric milking machine. more
As like every morning before, I woke up in the temple. It was my life’s duty to maintain all aspects of the great amazing structure my master had built. He was proud of his creation and its purpose to serve him in the ways he had designed it for. more
When was the last time you got locked out of church? For me, it was Sunday. more
A friend called a few days ago asking if I had a lantern she could borrow, not an unusual request from someone needing a light, but she had another purpose. more
At least once a day, I run across a room yelling, “No, no, no!” Then I lunge for the remote control, the way a soldier dives for a grenade before it explodes. more
Throughout my life I have been a collector of various items, and I recently became interested in finding out the psychological reasons some people collect things and others don’t. more
Defunding the police to me is like saying eliminate insulin. If I was not using insulin for diabetes, I would eventually shrivel up and die. Much like this idea of defunding the police would ultimately make us feel like we were living in the wild, wild west where justice was taken into the hands of the community unless a law enforcement official was in the immediate area. Our communities would die. more
I’ve come across the word “anachronism” often in reading, but I was never exactly sure what it meant. Context usually hinted it was something out of place, but I wanted to be sure; so, as a last resort I looked it up in the dictionary. more
Steve, more
I passed by my grandpa’s farm on the old Springfield/Buffalo road one morning last week. more
January was always a hard month when I was a boy on the farm. more
Last week, it was an ordinary evening around 6:45 p.m. Coco, my toy poodle puppy, rang the jingle bell at the front door to go out for her last adventure. more
Lord willing, I’ll be 76 years old as of Saturday, Dec. 30 — exactly 60 years from the day I became old enough to legally drive on Missouri highways. more
The AMVETS post 117 Buffalo would like to express our sincere gratitude for the amazing article that was written about our parade float at the Veteran’s Day parade. Steve Johnson went above and beyond our expectations. more
Family members are hating one another like a radical Muslim hates a Jewish man or a Christian man where there is war and chaos in the streets. Lawlessness! Politicians lying as fast as they can make new laws. Same type of politicians spreading fear. It seems like the world is falling apart and our leader’s lights are on but no one is home. Someone stop and back this truck up where can you run is their place without hate, lies and politics. No war, you say if only there were a place like that.  more
In this age of digital media and social networking it's easy to overlook the tried-and-true methods of communication that have stood the test of time. One such method that continues to be a powerful tool for community engagement and business growth is advertising in our paper. Throughout my time as the advertiser for this paper I've seen first hand the difference between businesses that value advertising and those who don't. In our small town, where community ties run deep and word of mouth travels fast, investing in newspaper advertising can have a profound impact on both local businesses and residents alike.  more
The Pomme de Terre Chamber of Commerce's "Light up the Lake" event got an extra dose of international flair, thanks to six exchange students from (ISE) International Student Exchange. Matthias (Italy), Jovan (Montenegro), Haritz (Spain), Emil (Denmark), Emanuele (Italy), and Bernat (Spain) volunteered to help set up the event at Pomme de Terre Lake dam site park on November 26th and 27th. Our international students have quickly embraced and fallen in love with our local community. Their infectious enthusiasm and eagerness to lend a hand have truly touched our hearts, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for their invaluable contributions to the success of this event. These helpful students will be on hand to greet the public and collect donations at the gate alongside their Area Representatives on December 26th. Join us at "Light up the Lake" and meet these wonderful exchange students. You'll be supporting the local economy and making new friends in the process. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved! more
Cognitive slowness, fever, cough, headache, joint inflammation, exhaustion and loss of smell have invaded my life over the past few weeks. I've been waiting to get out and about again after isolating myself from family and friends from what I suspect was another bout of COVID-19. more
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