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I want to give a big thank you and much appreciation to the doctors and staff at Buffalo Eye Clinic. I have been going there for over 25 years. Sure, I've tried the "big name” eye places, thinking I would find something new and better; but no, I always came back to my home town place. I have had bad eyes as long as I can remember. It started in grade school. I always wore glasses and contacts, but I felt it was never enough — I just always went with it. I Never was a good speller or reader and I know it was because I wasn't able to see properly.  more
I guess it is okay to tell this story, since both participants have passed. When my oldest brother Joe Wayne was dating, his younger brother Jerry sneaked on a date with him. I don't know the exact details, because neither would reveal anything. It seems that Jerry hid in the back floorboards, keeping as quiet as could be. Then when Jerry was discovered, and they got back home, Joe Wayne filled his hair with cuckleburs. Other threats may have happened, because Jerry never told anything—absolutely nothing. more
Throughout my life’s journey, I’ve written in journals. Sometimes, the habit lasts for a season. Other times, I use a journal to sort through thoughts of life changes, trauma and personal struggles. My favorite journal is weekly sermon notes. more
To the editor and the Reflex readership, more
I’ve been fascinated with personal handwritten letters since I was in elementary school. My great-aunt suggested we write letters when I was in fourth grade when she was visiting my grandparents. I jumped at the chance to be a part of the great United States Post Office. more
Like many folks of my generation, I tend to see much as it once was, not as it is. more
A colossal battle over private property rights is underway in the Heartland, fueled by your tax dollars. If your farm, ranch, or little piece of paradise is relatively flat, chances are the property that you’ve worked hard to acquire and maintain is being eyed by green energy developers. It seems these C-Suite executives from Chicago, New York and other big cities see your land as another means to enrich themselves. more
I’ve been told I have a type. Dark, handsome and hairy is the type in a nutshell. more
Once upon a time, during a moonlit night, an unsuspecting woman descended the steps of her backyard deck and stepped onto the stone patio. Her three rambunctious dogs raced past her, eager to hit the grass and sniff out the perfect place to pee before bedtime. more
Bear with me as we take time to remember Dee, for more than 23 years my South Dakota Bride, but much more than just the local newspaper editor’s wife. more
I never understood as a young man why Dad didn’t fix the barn door. All it needed was a proper hinge. more
People often play question-response games on social media. One of the most common questions is asking the reader to leave an answer about how they met. However, last week, one friend posted. “Do you actually read my posts? If you’re reading this, LIE about how we met.” more
I miss the writers. The Writers Guild of America went on strike in early May, and it has been a creative wasteland on television ever since. Most of the shows Tom and I used to watch won't be back with new episodes this fall. Lately, we've been flipping through over 100 channels, amazed that there are so many options yet so little we want to see. more
Dear Editor, more
What did you do this summer? Did you travel, see a concert or watch a movie at the theater? more
I took care of my baby brother Stephen when he was a baby. I never wondered what he would grow up to be, and I never had the chance to see. more
A couple of years ago I told a good friend that somewhere along the line we, the taxpayers, are going to have to bail out the U.S. automobile manufacturers again. Why? Because the federal government is mandating they build cars that nobody wants. more
Last night, my 16-year-old daughter and I had a “stress dream.” Do you have them, too? If not, you’re lucky. Most people have repetitive dreams when stress is higher than usual or when a big event is on the horizon. more
I’ve been reading a book called 'The Art of Dying Well' by Katy Butler. more
For starters, this is the second time this morning I have set down to write this article. The first time my word processor crashed on me, it does that sometimes. Hence, we often hear the term, ‘SAVE OFTEN‘, when writing! So…I’ll try again! more
Kids are back in school and yellow buses run up and down country roads night and morning. more
It’s often said money makes the world go ‘round, but that’s not entirely true. What keeps it spinning is the selfless leadership and service of legions of folks who never get paid a dime — volunteers. more
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